Monday, June 28, 2010

They ain't Bill and Melinda, that's for sure

But I'm still finding The Gates vaguely entertaining.  I've read various reviews likening it to Desperate Housewives - the humor + Twilight, which is probably not far off, despite my total resistance to all things Twilight thus far.  None of the characters have completely engaged me yet - they all seem rather stiff and cardboardy - but I do appreciate their ambiguity.  No one is a screamingly obvious villain; everyone has issues that turn them potentially interesting shades of grey.

Two issues I do have.  First, while it's fun to see Rhona Mitra on the small screen, I'm having great difficulty buying her as a wanna-be Stepford Wife.  Those 1950s-esque dresses do nothing for her and I find myself wishing to fast-forward when her proper public persona is onscreen, skipping ahead to whatever bad-assery she might be up to.  There should be more Rhona Mitra bad assery, imho.  Second: I find it cliche to have the high school girl as the veiny, lifeforce-draining succubus (Hello - Rogue and Jennifer from Jennifer's Body, anyone?  The succubus should have been a dude, just to change things up a little. 

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  1. I couldn't bring myself to watch this, and I usually love me some Rhona Mitra. Maybe it's b/c I didn't she'd have much chance for badassery.