Friday, July 2, 2010

Press Pause

There will be a slight break in the True Blood recap action as I decided to not live-blog it this time.  I think I miss a lot of what goes on when I'm typing as I watch for the first time.  Not like there's anything deep or profound happening on True Blood, but the episodes are more enjoyable if I can watch them the first time and just watch them.  That being said, I've watched the next three episodes and am letting them percolate a bit.  While E5 is kind of slow and talky and not much happens, the good news is that the pace absolutely picks back up for E6 and E7 with lots of sex, things moving forward and may I just gloat right now for having pretty much called it on WTF Maryann is.  I friggin' knew that Classics degree was going to come in handy.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, it's the Fourth of July weekend - why don't you all go outside and watch a parade, have a beer, take a walk.  Or, if that sort of thing is anathema to you, and you've noticed a marked dearth of restaurant reviews over here at FMS, you could check out my other, "I'm exploring Utah and loving it" blog: We Went West.  There's posts about beer, breakfast (including bacon, of course) and non-breakfast eating.  There's also other stuff but it's kind of outdoorsy and not so much with the pop culture.

Have a good weekend, don't forget to wear sunscreen and the next True Blood installment will be up soon!


  1. I like to let my movie reviews brew a bit before writing, but lately the pot's gone stale. I need to get back into producing content while it's fresh.

    Have a great Fourth! If I get some downtime around the house this weekend, maybe I'll go discover some bacony goodness over on your other site.

  2. And pluswhich there has been bupkus out for decent movies (IMHO) of late, so I don't know why anyone is hardly bothering going to the theaters these days, unless it's to escape some blistering heat - I really find it difficult to write any sort of a coherent review if the subject matter is so lame.