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True Blood episode recap "I Wish I Was the Moon" S4E6

Eric and Sookie move inside with their smooching, shedding clothes as they go.  And then Bill shows up.  He and Eric tussle a bit, Eric being stronger because he's so much older.  Sookie breaks up the fight when she shouts that Bill's the Vampire King.  Eric asks forgiveness immediately and drops to his knees.  Bill is nonplussed: so I guess he HAS lost his memory.

Bill handcuffs Eric in silver and takes him back to his mansion, putting him in the basement cells.  Sookie is furious and begs Bill not to hurt Eric.  Down in the basement, Eric is put in a cell with the rotting Pam.  She wants him to get out of here with her but he says King Bill thinks they're dangerous.  Pam: "Let me tell you a little something about King Bill.  He's a self-loathing, power-hungry, pompous little dork and you hate his guts!"  Heh.  But Eric breaks her heart when he tells her he likes who he is now and doesn't want to return to the terror he used to be.  Upstairs, Bill tells Nan what happened to Eric, spinning it enough that Nan authorizes him to "impose the true death" on the Viking.  Sookie won't be happy about that.

Terry and Arlene wake up just as their whole house is engulfed in flames.  They and all the kids get out safely but the house (Sam's property - I forgot he was their landlord) is a total loss.  As they watch the inferno, a ghostly black woman waves at baby Mikey, making him giggle, but when Arlene turns around, there's no one there.  In the morning, Sam shows up to clean up the mess; he calls Tommy and asks him to open Merlotte's for him since he'll be busy all day.  Tommy agrees and then has a little self-loathing breakdown after he hangs up the phone, slapping himself and screaming.  When he calms down, he looks in the mirror and screams again: he's inadvertently shifted into Sam.  For the afternoon, Tommy-as-Sam does the best he can (and Sam Trammel does some nice physical work being awkward in his own body): firing Sookie, flirting with girls, getting scolded by Maxine Fortenberry.  And that night, Luna comes by for a booty call.  Tommy does his best, which leaves Luna a little underwhelmed/surprised, but then, afterwards, Tommy-as-Sam rudely kicks her out.  She's pissed off but leaves.  And after she's gone, Tommy gets really, really sick and shifts back into himself.

Down in Mexico, Jesus's abuelo puts his grandson and Lafayette to a test: he causes a rattlesnake to bite Jesus and then locks the two men in a room alone, forcing Lafayette to access his powers and become possessed by the spirit of Jesus's dead uncle who was a psychic healer.  Lafayette heals his boyfriend but is all, WTF is going on here?

When Alcide comes home for lunch, he finds Debbine has been entertaining Marcus, the Shreveport packmaster.  She wants to join the pack because she needs socialization.  Marcus apologizes for the other night and invites the two of them to a full moon get-together later that night.

Sookie goes to find Jason and finds him worried that he's going to turn into a werepanther.  Sookie: "A were-what?"  He wants her to shoot him when he turns.  She refuses, of course, so he runs into the woods when she ducks inside the house for another beer.  Jessica senses Jason's feat - because he drank her blood - so she leaves her shift at Merlotte's and finds him out in the woods.  He starts to have a panic attack and she calms him down, promising that she won't leave him alone if he's really going to turn into a panther tonight.  Also out in the woods, Sookie runs into Alcide and Debbie, on their way to the werewolf meet-up; she asks them how weres are made.  They tell her that being a were-whatever is hereditary, genetic, not transmitted by virus through bites.  Sookie's all, yay! I gotta go!

In the cells, Marnie summons Antonia, the Spanish witch-spirit, and gets some more flashbacks/visions, plus Antonia materializes and throws herself down Marnie's throat.  Now Marnie is possessed.  Holy crap do I find this Marnie character annoying.

That night, Bill has Eric brought outside and prepares to stake him.  But there's NO suspense here because OBVIOUSLY Eric is not getting killed off.  Also, he's all meek and schmoopy and doesn't argue with his King, saying he hopes Bill will make Sookie happy when he's gone.

When Sam gets home, he finds Tommy passed out on the floor in a pool of bloody vomit.  Back at Bill's mansion, Antonia-as-Marnie manages to ensorcel one of the vampire sheriffs.  Out in the woods, Sookie fails to find her brother but runs into Eric, whom Bill has let go.  They immediately start making out, quickly seguing to having sex on a patch of grass by the creek.  It's all slow-motion and backlit and supposedly romantic but I don't find it sexy in the least, Alexander Skarsgard's bare butt notwithstanding.

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