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True Blood episode recap S6E5 "**** the Pain Away"

Ben/Warlow is all, you don't understand?  Sookie is on a roll, though, and isn't having any of his British accented shit.  "If you love me so much, why did you kill my parents?"  Ben/Warlow insists that her parents had planned to kill her but he actually saved her.  Sookie is all, you're a filthy fuckin' liar and I am sick of fucking vampires thinking they own me.  She throws some faerie light at him and he swats her back.  Over at Bill's house, Jessica is (a) high on faerie blood and (b) hysterical at what she's done.  But Bill doesn't have any time for that because (a) he is still connected to Sookie and tell what's happening to her and (b) as Lilith reincarnated (or whatever), he is connected to Ben/Warlow since Lilith made Warlow.  And he zips on over to Sookie's house, interrupting the spat and commanding Ben/Warlow to come with him.

Meanwhile, Andy has arrived at Bill's house to find his four faerie daughters strewn lifelessly across the living room floor.  As Jessica watches from her hiding space in the closet, Andy weeps over the dead girls, before finding one that is actually still alive.  He carries her out of the mansion.

Tara finds Eric and tells him that the LAVTF captured Pam.  "What the fuck we gonna do?"  Eric has a plan: he and Tara get themselves captured.  Meanwhile, a jumpsuited Pam is being paraded through the subterranean camp.  She bemusedly looks in all the various experimentation rooms:  sex, violence, torture.  At the Governor's mansion, Sarah Newlin tries to console the Governor about losing Willa to the vampires.  Unfortunately, her tactics are to insist that he marry her and impregnate her with a child to replace the one he just lost.  But the Governor has no time for this, pushing her aside.  Sarah is furious (and hilarious): Do not take me for granted! when a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her!

Somehow not crossing paths with Andy Bellefleur, Bill and Warlow arrive at Bill's house, going down to the basement lab.  As Bill takes a sample of Warlow's blood, we are treated to a merkin-filled flashback: when Lilith met the faerie Warlow, fucked him and turned him into a vampire.  Warlow's all, you made me into something I despise.  Bill: I made you into our salvation.

When Jason comes home, he finds Sarah Newlin waiting for him.  She says she's here to save his soul.  He laughs her off but with just a few words, she manages to get him inside, naked and having crazy sex with her.  "I been with a gay guy, and an old guy but I never felt truly alive but when I was with you. Jason Stackhouse, I truly believe that God wants me to fuck you."  Aftewards, Jason is woken up by Jess, pounding on his door, still hysterical.  He tries to calm her down but Sarah, who had been listening in the other room comes out, all angry and righteous.  The two women get into it until somehow, for some reason, Sarah is able to rescind Jessica's invitation into Jason's house.  Jess is sucked out of the house into the waiting arms of the LAVTF, whom Sarah has called.  They take Jess away.  Jason turns to Sarah, confused, asking why she would do that.  Sarah:  "Because my body is a temple and you have defiled it with your vampire-lovin' pecker!"

Andy brings his unconscious daughter back to the sheriff's office.  He paws through the evidence locker, finds a vial of vampire blood and feeds it to her.  It's enough: she wakes up and gasps his name.  In another part of town, while looking for Sam, Nicole and Emma, Alcide finds his dad at a dive wolf bar.  They have a bit of a scuffle but nobody cares.

At the vampire camp/research facility, the Hunger Games have begun.  Seriously, I'm not going to explain it all but they are experiments and the vampires who figure out the games fast enough get to live.  Eric lives.  He's a quick study.  In Gen. Pop., he tries to find out what happened to Pam but no one knows or will talk to him.  Pam, meanwhile, is in her own game: therapy.  She doesn't want to talk about her feelings but there's an incentive: if she cooperates, she gets to feed off a human.  If she doesn't, there are guns pointing at her.  Pam is also a quick study.

The next morning, Sookie shows up at Merlotte's to talk to Lafayette.  She tells him about Warlow and what he said (and that she kind of believes him) and asks for his help in contacting her dead parents.  She wants to know if Warlow really did save her.  And in other storylines no one cares about: Terry has asked an old Marine buddy, Justin, to meet him for lunch.  They shoot the shit for a while and then Terry asks Justin to kill him.  Terry says he'll pay him for it.  He wants to die but has been unable to do it himself.  Justin is all, um, weird, but yes, I'll do it and I'll do it for free.  Terry's all, super!  Give me a couple days to get my affairs in order and then it's up to you - just don't let me know when it's coming.

Holly has come over to the Bellefleurs' to sit with Andy and his sick daughter.  He tells her that the girl told him that it was Jessica who attacked her and killed her sisters.  He wants to go after Bill but she talks him down, reminding him that Bill is much stronger than he and if Bill kills Andy, his daughter won't have anybody.  He is in tears, frustrated that there isn't anything her can do.

When Jessica is processed into the camp's Gen. Pop., she finds Tara.  Jess is still high and Tara takes care of her, talking soothingly to her.  Meanwhile, Pam is hitting her groove, telling her analyst all kinds of helpful vampire information.  He is interested in if vampires have remorse about killing each other (not really) and what the deal is with the relationship they have with their maker.  Pam's all, I don't have a maker anymore.  For a time, my maker was everything to me.  Then he released me and it hurt, but I'm over it and he's nothing to me anymore.  Her analyst isn't sure he believes her.

Jason leaves Sookie a message: he says that he messed up with Jessica and he's going to go fix it.  And to do so, he signs up for the LAVTF.  At Sookie's house, she can't answer the phone because she and Lafayette are setting up for a seance.  He performs his mojo and for a moment, nothing happens.  Then: "Oh shit, they here! Stackhouses, calm the fuck down!"  Sookie asks her question: Did you try to kill me?  Lafayette gets a vision of when Warlow came to her parents, asking them to give Sookie to him, saying that he'll make her immortal and will protect her forever.  They refuse and later, that night, her dad decides that he would rather kill his own daughter than see her turned into a vampire.  Sookie:  Oh.  And then, because Lafayette does not have the best of luck with being a medium, he gets invaded by the spirit of Sookie's father.  And he grabs her and ties her up and puts her in the trunk of his car, ready to finish what he started.

Back at the camp, Sarah has a surprise for the Governor.  She and vampire Steve Newlin and Pam's therapist have cooked something up special: Eric and Pam with wooden stakes in a death match against each other.  The two vampires just stare at each other.  Sarah gets impatient:  "Haven't you seen Gladiator?  Just fuckin' fight!"  Sarah has gotten all the best lines in this episode.

Lafayette, still possessed by Sookie's dead father, has driven out into the Louisiana swamps.  Pleading his case, how much he loves her and hates to do this,  he grabs her by the back of the neck.  As Sookie screams that she doesn't want to die, Lafayette shoves her underwater.  Sookie screams.

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