Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Titles Nine - #1

A little while ago, I mentioned a new "feature" that I was going to "launch" here at the little blog. This is it: "Titles Nine" - only instead of being about women and sports, it's about books. You see, Mr. Mouse and I have really a lot of books. They're everywhere: all our bookcases are filled to overflowing and now we've started stacking tomes on any horizontal surface we can find, including all floors and the dining room table. And since I've already given y'all our DVD library* (to which we recently added The Big Lebowski - $8.00 at Borders), I thought maybe one of my multitudinous readers might be interested in our paper library as well.

What I did here was stand in front of a bookcase, close my eyes and run my finger back and forth until I stopped at a book. Then I wrote down that book, plus the four books on either side of it, thereby getting the nine titles. As you will notice, our bookcases are pretty much not organized by anything. For those keeping track, anything that is other than nonfiction, Fletch novels or James Michener is 99.9% certain to be one of my books.

- The Eyes of the Amaryllis – Natalie Babbitt (childhood book)
- The White Mountains: Names, Places and Legends – John T.B. Mudge
- 1967 Boy Scouts Field Book (not mine)
- Hotel Pastis – Peter Mayle (so-so fiction from the Year in Provence guy)
- 101 Essential Yoga Tips
- The Bloody Chamber – Angela Carter (fairy tale retellings - some erotic)
- Pippa Mouse – Betty Boegehold (one of my mouse books - yay!)
- The Dream of a Common Language – Adrienne Rich (required for college)
- Unnatural Selections – Gary Larson (cows doing people things never gets old)

* In my this-is-our-DVD-collection post, I really only mentioned the movies. I've also got all seven seasons of Buffy, all five seasons of Angel, all three seasons of Veronica Mars and cute little Firefly. But I'm pretty sure you all figured that out by now.

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