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True Blood episode recap S6E2 "The Sun"

As Sookie sleeps, a portal opens in the middle of a bridge in Bon Temps: a snarling, bearded vampire pulls himself through.  I'm guessing this is good ol' Warlow.

Just before the driverless car with a hollering Jason in it actually hits the tree, Rutger Hauer stops it with some kind of telekenesis or something.  Jason jumps out, waving his anti-vamp gun around, shouting for Rutger Hauer "to prepare to meet your fucking maker, Warlow!"  Rutger Hauer sneers: I'm not Warlow, I'm your fucking faerie grandfather.  Jason: Oh.  Grandpa is not impressed with Jason's lack of readiness for the fight ahead.  They get back in the car and continue to Bon Temps.

At Fangtasia, the cops are gone but Tara is laid out on the bar, screaming.  She isn't able to heal and the bullet inside her is glowing.  Eric and Nora show up and assess the situation.  Eric smashes a beer bottle and digs the bullet out of Tara's side.  She immediately stops screaming.  They all stare at the bullet: it's a silver bullet with some sort of UV light inside it.  The vampires realize that holy shit, the humans are starting to fight back with nasty anti-vamp weapons.  Pam and Nora immediately start screaming at each other - WTF do they do now with the humans coming after then AND Bill being who knows WFT - until Eric roars at them.  If the humans want war, they'll get war, but in the meantime, they have to figure out how to deal with Bill.

Bill, meanwhile, has woken Jessica up with his own screaming.  He says he can feel all the vampires suffering everywhere, being tortured and killed by humans, and he can't do anything to help any of them.  He lapses into a fugue state as Jessica shakes and wails at him.  In his head, he's in a sunshiny meadow, talking with Lilith.  She tells him that "events have been set in motion," whatever the hell that means.  "A tyrant is rising.  It is the beginning of the end.  You must complete my work."  Jessica, desperate to wake Bill up, has ordered a girl/hooker from Human Edibles (you know, $50 for a bite to the wrist, etc.).  The woman freaks out a bit since Bill is so weird and she starts to leave, but then some force compels her back into the room, crunching and snapping her bones.  And then Bill sucks her dry, pulling all her blood out of her body as she shrivels up like a raisin.  Jessica, horrified, cowers in the corner, wailing.

In the morning, Sookie is awoken when Arlene calls her to holler at her to get her little ass in to work because Merlotte's is hopping.  (And at Merlotte's, in a storyline that absolutely NOBODY cares about, Patrick's pregnant wife has showed up, looking for him.  Terry freezes up, unable to lie to her, so Arlene steps in, saying that Patrick ran out on her and won't be coming back.  She's very sweet to the wife.  WHO CARES?)  As Sookie walks to work, she hears moaning and groaning in the underbrush.  After telling herself not to get involved, she gets involved, finding a wounded guy lying in a ditch after a vampire attack.  The guy is like her, a half faerie.  Sookie takes him back to her house and patches him up.  (I don't trust this guy.  Do you suppose he is Warlow in disguise?  Is that possible? Plus he should button a couple more buttons on his shirt.  He's got nice dimples, though.)  His name is Ben [warning sign!  Like Ben/Glory! BtVS reference, btw.]  Ben thanks her for her help and she tells him that if he's looking for a place to recuperate, there's that faerie haven/club in that field.

Back at Merlotte's, a bunch of non-local young folks has shown up looking for Sam.  They are a group looking to "start a dialogue among humans, vampires and other supernatural beings."  They want Sam to come out as a shifter and tells his story to the world.  The co-founder, Nicole, talks very earnestly to Sam, trying to convince him to join their movement.  Sam is all emphatically NO.  "You seem like a nice person but you don't know fuck-all about my life."  (Emma is having a fabulous, pink-spangly tea party with Lafayette over in Sam's trailer and GOD do I wish we could be following THAT storyline instead.)

Jason and Grandpa Rutger Hauer get back to the Stackhouse house.  GRH asks where it was that Warlow tried to come through before.  Jason takes him up to the upstairs bathroom and GRH throws himself through the portal, disappearing for a few moments until he comes flying back out, soaking wet.  What happened, asks Jason.  GRH doesn't really answer, just saying that it's worse than he feared.

Eric is keeping himself busy, skulking in the shadows outside the Governor's mansion.  When a nerdy dude hurriedly walks up, late for his appointment, Eric pounces on the guy, hilariously appropriating his clothes, glasses, briefcase and demeanor.  He is shown in to the Governor, ostensibly to talk about the Fish and Wildlife Department's whooping crane proposal.  But the Governor just wants to talk about vampires.  Eric plays along for a little while, then takes off his glasses, leaning in, turning on his glamouring and makes his demands (basically rescinding all the orders from the day before).  The Governor stares at him dazedly, then shouts, "Guards!"  Eric is shocked as the guards surround him.  The Governor, however, is positively giddy.  He's got contact lenses that counteract the glamouring effects, plus all the fancy new bullets that fry vamps from the inside out.  It's open season on vampires in Louisiana!  He shoos the guards out, telling them to take Eric to "camp."

Sookie gets back to her house (did she ever go into Merlotte's?), finding Jason and GRH (actual name: Niall).  Over a family dinner of spaghetti and beer, Jason and Niall bring her up to speed, including the fact that Warlow is now here in Bon Temps.  Jason wants to get with the hunting but Niall has to do a lot of talking first.  For instance, he is the King of the Faeries, which makes Sookie a faerie princess (Jason: I'm a faerie prince!  Niall: The genes skipped you.).  Warlow has been after Niall's family for centuries, killing many of them.  Claudine managed to blast him into a "dark realm" for a while but he's found his way back.  However, the bloodline has the ability to formulate their light/power into one supernova ball that will kill any vampire, including Warlow; Sookie will only be able to manifest this supercharged power once, and after discharging it, she will be a faerie no longer.  Her power has been on the fritz for a while, though, so Grandpa Niall tells her to start practicing.

As the guards take Eric out to the transport van, they mistakenly stand back from him, thinking that because their guns are pointed at him, he's trapped.  He gives a little shrug and flies away.  Guard: Vampires can fly?  Some time later, the Governor's twenty-something daughter is getting ready for bed, taking her anti-glamour contact lenses out.  Suddenly, Eric appears at her window, floating in midair.  He suggests that she invite him in.  Of course, she says, please come in.

After work, Sam brings Lafayette some dinner.  He asks Sam what kind of trouble he is in - but before they can get into it, they hear a car outside.  It's Martha, Alcide and that other werewolf bitch.  They want to take Emma back with them to protect her, especially since Luna shifted on national television.  Sam points out that the last time they "took care" of Emma, Russell Edgington (I miss him) got hold of her and put her in a cage.  Since Luna gave her life to save her daughter, Sam isn't about to hand the girl over to the werewolves, even if she is one of them.  Voices get raised and Lafayette comes out to see what's going on.  (Out in the bushes, Nicole and her ridiculous friends are watching, fascinated by the interplay.)  Emma wakes up and comes out and Martha grabs her; Alcide puts a beat-down on Sam; the were-bitch puts a beat-down on Lafayette.

Back at Bill's house, sad Jessica tries again to get Bill to snap out of it.  Are you Lilith? she asks, are you God?  She drops to her knees and begins to pray, asking God/Bill to protect Jason and Sookie and Eric and Pam and Tara (and in the voiceover we get to see all these people, dealing with everything they're dealing with right now) and Sam and Lafayette and Hoyt.  And bless Bill too, and bring him back.  "I need him.  We all need him."  Bill is still in his own head, talking to Lilith who tells him that he is needed to save all the vampires.  He wants to know how but she won't say, just telling him to trust what he sees.  She disappears and Bill wakes up.  Jessica runs to him and they watch in horror as the television announces that the Governor has decreed that vampires have no rights in the state of Louisiana.  And then he has a premonition of all our favorite vampires, trapped in a cell and exposed to sunlight until they burn.  Save them all, Bill!

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