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True Blood episode recap "Night on the Sun" (S3E8)

Sookie's screaming brings everyone to their feet.  Alcide tries to drag Bill out, Tara's ready to stake him right there, Bill's fangs pop out.  Sookie calms herself and tells them she wants to speak to Bill alone.  After her friends have gone out, she tells him that she's afraid of him now and isn't so sure she can forgive him for what he did.  He says that he doesn't deserve to be forgiven and all he wants for her is a normal life - sunshine, children, a future - which he can't give her.  He tells her he will love her forever and leaves, bloody tears streaking his face.

In Mississippi, Talbot feels like everything is spiraling out of control:  Russell is moving his new wife into the mansion; he can't get Franklin's brains out of the guest room linens; there are werewolves buried under the gazebo ... and when Russell then confesses to having killed the Magister, Talbot shrieks, "You're like a century-old child!  The Authority will be furious."  Russell is sure that everything is under control, however.  Debbie shows up, demanding an audience with the King and wanting revenge for Cooter's killing.  Eric points out to Russell that they need to keep Sookie alive, though, and the King agrees, saying she's "special."  Debbie: "She's fucking my ex-boyfriend and made him shoot my fiance - she's a cunt!"  Russell, agreeably: "But she's a special cunt."  He promises that he'll let Debbie play with Sookie for a bit when he gets her back.  After the were leaves, things get a little tense when Russell says he's unsure if he can trust Eric.  The Viking vampire drops to his knees, kisses Russell's hand and swears his loyalty.  Russell seems appeased.

Arlene has a nightmare that Rene is still alive and singing to his unborn baby, promising that his son will be just like him.  This terrifies Arlene, who wakes up screaming and afraid of the baby she's carrying.

Bill goes home and Jessica is thrilled to see him.  He tries to kick her out, saying that he can't protect her, can't be responsible for her, can't take care of her, but she refuses to go.  She needs him to teach her how to be a vampire, plus she just doesn't want to be alone anymore.  She starts to cry and Bill gives in, unable to abandon her.

Sookie is home now too and Alcide is there with her, keeping an eye on her.  Jason and Andy stop by to try to convince her to press charges against Bill.  She says that it's over between them but she won't press charges.  Jason's like, fine, but I'm killing him the next time I see him.  Tara and Lafayette are upstairs as well: she's looking wicked shell-shocked but says she can't talk about what happened to her yet.

Sam meets his mother at the rental cottage and watches as she packs up the last of her things.  Tommy asks her again to leave Joe Lee but she won't, she loves him.  She asks Sam for some money.  He gives her some and she complains that it won't get them very far.  Sam has had it and snaps, "I don't give a fuck how far it gets you as long as it's out of here."  When Lindy is gone, Tommy starts to cry.

When Lafayette gets back to his house, he is surprised to find his mother there, escaped from the psych hospital.  "I'm here to save you, Lala," she says, "... from the vampires and the witches and the dogs and cats - they all know about you."  Lafayette rolls his eyes and takes her into the house.

Sookie and Tara have a little spat about Sookie being hung up on Bill, and Tara tells her that if she goes back to him, she's a dumb bitch - Tara is over-identifying a little bit here because she just had a sexy dream about Franklin and is horrified that she could have such feelings about her captor.  Alcide comes out as Tara stomps off: "Good, maybe you can flirt some sense into that girl because logic sure as hell ain't workin'."

Jason is loading his shotgun with some leftover Fellowship of the Sun wooden bullets when Crystal appears at his front door, soaking wet and sporting a black eye.  She says she had to swim here so "they couldn't track [her] scent."  Jason thinks this might be some sort of drug code.  She wants to take his truck but he won't give it to her.  Instead, he gives her a towel and some whiskey and learns that the black eye is courtesy of "Felton," her fiance, to whom she's been promised since she was four - her daddy don't hold much with outsiders.  They talk a little more and then start making out.

Arlene interviews a new waitress for Merlotte's, Holly, who is so skinny that she looks like an actual skeleton.  Arlene tells Sam he's not to sleep with the new girl but I'm guessing that won't be much of a temptation.

Lafayette has called Jesus to come fetch Ruby Jean back.  She doesn't want to go because she wants to protect her son, who has a lot of power and that's why "they're" coming for him.  Jesus agrees and promises that he won't let anything happen to Lafayette.

At the King's mansion, Eric (again bleeding from the nose and ears for some reason) tells Hadley that he wants her to deliver a message to Sookie.  Sometime later, Hadley shows up at Sookie's house and tells her that Eric says that Russell is coming for her, and don't trust Bill.  "Like I'm supposed to trust Eric?" scoffs Sookie.  After delivering her message, Hadley bursts into tears, causing Sookie to read her mind ("I'm sorry I told them about you!"), then runs away.

Alcide gets a phonecall from his sister: Debbie and her gang have torched Janice's salon and he needs to go back to Jackson to stop her from hurting anybody.  He doesn't think it's safe for Sookie here, though, and asks her to come with him.  She says no, she won't run, and if she's really in trouble, Bill will come.  They have a sweet little moment where each realizes that if they were smarter, and things were different, maybe they would have fallen in love with each other instead of the train wrecks they've got going now.  Then he leaves.

In an excellent display of vamp-fu, Bill gives Jessica fightin' lessons in the living room.  She keeps harping on the fact that he and Sookie belong together, but Bill insists that he's no good for Sookie.  Jessica understands: she loves Hoyt but he's so good and sweet that he belongs with someone like him.  They bond over missing their honeys.

Russell tells Talbot that he's going to Louisiana after Sookie and Talbot has a total hissy fit, throwing things around.  Eric volunteers to stay behind at the mansion and keep Talbot company.  Talbot looks him up and down and agrees; Russell mouths, "Thank you!"  After the King has gone, Eric and Talbot play chess for a while until Talbot gets bored and orders the blond vampire to take his clothes off.  The henchvamps are sent away and Eric takes his shirt off.  Talbot approves.  "It's been a long time since I've done this," says Eric.  "A man?" asks Talbot,  Eric: "No, a vampire."  They start making out.

Crystal's daddy and Felton stop by Merlotte's looking for Crystal.  Sam sniffs the air questioningly before he even sees them.  He tells them that Crystal hasn't been here and asks them to leave.  Her daddy gets in his face, calls him "shifter" and threatens him; when Tommy tries to get involved, Sam holds him back and Felton sneers, "Down, boy."  When the meth dealers have left, Tommy asks Sam, "Did you smell that?"  "Yeah," says Sam.

After Jason and Crystal have sex, Jason goes out to get them something to eat, taking his shotgun with him.  But first he swings by Crystal's house and finds a naked guy chewing on a deer carcass in the back of a shed.  The guy hisses at him and keeps eating.  Jason decides to get the hell out of there.

That night, Debbie and two of her wolves break into Sookie's house.  She is holed up in her room with her own shotgun, while Bill and Jessica are downstairs.  The two vamps take on the two wolves while Debbie goes upstairs.  CHICK FIGHT.  Bill quickly kills his werewolf but Jessica struggles with hers a little and chases it out of the house, over Bill's warning.  Russell is waiting outside and grabs her.  "You are 3,000 years old and a King, but you hide behind guards, wolves and a baby vampire.  Are you scared or just lazy?" taunts Bill.  Russell tosses Jessica aside and she runs, the wolf chasing after her.  (Not to worry: by the end of the episode, she's drained him dry.)  Russell and Bill fight but Bill is absolutely no match for the King.

Fortunately, back in Mississippi, in the middle of some steamy naked man-on-man vampire sex, Eric flips Talbot over and stakes him.  Harsh.  Russell feels the loss immediately and screams, horribly, in such pain, and flies away back to his home.  (Eric better get out of there damn quick.)  Bill rushes upstairs but Sookie has managed to chase Debbie off all by herself.  They fall into each other's arms (so much for being broken up, I guess) and have some pretty rough sex where  you get to see Anna Paquin's boobs again.

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