Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A toast - to bacon!

Forgive me, readers: it's been thirty-seven days since my last bacon post. I really hadn't found any new, exciting, bacony goodness to share with you. Until I got an email from my California cousin Leah alerting me to the existence of


Bakon Vodka. Created by the friendly folks at Black Rock Spirits, this vodka is made with Idaho potatoes and flavored with peppered bacon (or essence thereof). They think it's the perfect vodka for Bloody Marys and have additional recipes as well, including a Bakon Chocolate Martini - of which I would be skeptical, except that I really like chocolate-covered bacon and this would be the same as that ... plus it's a cocktail. Yay! The site has a link for online pre-sales; Leah says Bakon Vodka is not available 'til July.

So what do we do until July? We make our own: Homemade Bacon Vodka [recipe compliments of Brownie Points, a foodie blog I've only just discovered with this recipe and am eager to explore as it seems chockful of goodness]. She also recommends using this bacon-infused vodka in a Bloody Mary (and other cocktails) or mixed with date syrup for a "sweet bacon cordial" (with which I am totally intrigued) or even decanted into a spray bottle for spritzing on, well, anything that needs a spritz of bacon vodka.

Many, many, many thanks to Leah for sending me the links. I owe her bigtime because this is the third time she's hooked me up; the other two are here and here. I don't hang out with her very often - although we obviously have very similar interests - but I'm going to see her in a couple of weeks and I'll raise a glass to, and with, her then.


  1. Hmm. My g/f Tara LOVES bacon and loves vodka. I'm just not sure if she'd want them mixed together.

  2. I've heard rumors of Bacon Wine, but I'm waiting on my friend to come back with the brand. More to report as it comes in.

    Also, I thought you'd enjoy this:

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