Monday, June 10, 2013

True Blood episode recap "Spellbound" S4E8

Just as Jessica pulls open the doors, Jason comes sprinting up, yelling her name.  He tackles her, knocking her back inside and kicking the door closed.  She is not happy at being thwarted.  Across town, the coven stops chanting, figuring the damage has been done.  Jess immediately snaps out of it and kisses Jason, thanking him for saving her life.  Then they make out for a while before Jason takes her back downstairs and drapers her with silver again in case the coven starts chanting again.

Alcide's new pack declares that they will not be getting involved in the vampires vs. witches kerfuffle.  Sam stops by Luna's house to tell her that he threw Tommy out.  They make up.  As the sun sets, Sookie pulls the silver chains off Eric and, noting how gory his silvered wounds are, offers her blood to nourish and heal him, trusting him not to drain her.  Afterwards, he bites his own hand and asks her to drink, so "we will be one."  Whatever.

When Jessica returns home that evening, she tells Hoyt that she wants to break up, saying she's not made for monogamy with a human: "It's not enough, I wish it was because I love you and don't want to hurt you, but it's not enough."  He doesn't take it well and she kills him viciously, crushing his skull and then going out to Jason's truck and screwing him in the front seat.  But wait: it's all just a fever dream as she awakens in Bill's basement.  Whew - Hoyt didn't deserve that.

Sookie and Eric have stupid, trippy sex while they're high on each other's blood.  It's glowy and foolish and not at all hot.  I wonder if it's because Anna Paquin never really deeply kisses Alexander Skarsgard (perhaps because she's married to Bill in real life and it's just too personal).  This frigging show drives me nuts.

Marnie/Antonia is pissed that all that chanting only killed one vampire who neglected to leave town/chain herself up.  Tara is all on board with upping their offense and trying to kill a whole lot more vamps.  Bill calls Marnie/Antonia to "apologize" and offers to meet with her so they can discuss peace.  I think it's a trap.  She agrees to meet him at midnight.

Tommy breaks into Maxine Fortenberry's house and steals a bunch of her clothes, jewelry and makeup.  Down in Shreveport, Debbie is thrilled to have joined the pack.  Alcide admits that he liked what Marcus said about staying out of vampire business.

Over at Merlotte's, the ghost lady shows up again to sing to baby Mikey.  A really wound-up Maxine waddles in to meet with the mineral prospector.  It's Tommy, of course, skinwalking as Maxine to try and steal the mineral rights.  The prospector hands over a small check but it's nowhere near what Tommy was hoping for.  When Jessica returns home that night, she breaks up with Hoyt for real.  He doesn't take it well, unsurprisingly, and kicks her out of the house, revoking his invitation.  He says some harsh things to her, his poor heart broken.

Lafayette, snoozing on the couch, dreams of the ghost lady: she's from the 1930s(?) and the married white man who knocked her up killed her infant son and refused to let her bury him before murdering her too.  That's why her ghost keeps showing up around Mikey, looking for her lost baby.  Then the ghost lady is actually there, in the room with Lafayette. She dives into his mouth and voila! he's possessed.  Nelsan Ellis's physical acting is fantastic, swanning around daintily.

Eric and Sookie go to Bill's mansion to volunteer to fight against the witches.  Luna's ex-husband drops in unexpectedly while Sam, Luna and daughter Emma are eating dinner: surprising nobody, her ex is Marcus, the wolfpack leader.  And he's a total asshole about Sam being there.  Meanwhile, out in the woods, Tommy shifts out of Maxine and back into himself, collapsing and sick with the strain.

Jessica shows up at Jason's and tells him that she broke up with Hoyt.  Jason freaks out, because Hoyt is his BFF, and revokes his invitation to Jessica.  She is aghast, protesting as she gets sucked backwards out of the house.  The possessed Lafayette goes over to the Bellefleur plantation, stealing the sleeping Andy's service pistol and the cooing Mikey.

Midnight at the cemetery.  Bill and Marnie/Antonia meet and they've each brought back-up of vampires and human bodyguards and witches, respectively.  Bill makes an offer of peace which the witch rejects.  And then all hell breaks loose.  Witchy fog rolls in so no one can see anything.  Bullets and blood fly.  Pam grabs Tara but Bill commands Pam not to hurt her, ever, on pain of death.  Pam shrieks: " THIS IS SO FUCKING LAME!!!"  which is a little meta.  Alcide, unable to stay away from Sookie, swings by her house and hears the commotion in the nearby cemetery.  In the confusion/battle, Sookie gets shot although she does get off one good faerie power blast first.  Alcide finds her in the swirling fog and carries her away; a seething Debbie watches him, unnoticed in the underbrush.  A couple of witches pounce on Bill, binding him with silver, and Marnie/Antonia corners Eric.  And then the episode ends right there, with the great Siouxsie and the Banshees rendition of "Spellbound."  The end credit music has been stellar this season.

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