Wednesday, June 19, 2013

True Blood episode recap "Soul of Fire" S4E11

The objective is to obliterate the witches tonight.  "Let's blow up this Wiccan dipshit," says Pam," I've got a mani-pedi at 4."  Inside the magic shop, things are getting tense.  Sookie, Lafayette and Jesus have been teleported inside, along with Tara, Holly and the others.  The other coven members are getting scared that they won't survive the battle with the vampires and when one of them bolts, Marnie buries a dagger in her belly.  Everyone stares, astonished and horrified.  After the credits break, Antonia claws her way out of Marnie's body.  No one but the two mediums - Marnie and Lafayette - can see her.  Antonia is furious with Marnie for killing that coven member.  Marnie casts a binding spell and sucks Antonia back into her.  Jesus:  We're fucked.

Outside, Jason stops the vampires from firing their bazookas into the store, telling them that Sookie is in there.  Bill and Eric of course want to abort the mission.  Pam is coldly livid:  "Holy shit, gentlemen.  Do not tell me you'd put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress."  God I love Pam.  Jason shows them the protection forcefield anyway - chances are, the shells wouldn't have made it through anyway.  As they try to reformulate a plan, the ensorcelled vampire sheriffs attack them.

Marcus has snatched Luna's and his daughter Emma out of school and taken her to Debbie and Alcide's house.  He tries to convince Debbie to come away with them, saying he'll help get her back off the V again.  It seems like some scenes were cut because this Debbie and Marcus thing seems sudden.  Meanwhile, Sam, Alcide and Luna are trying to find Marcus.  While Marcus and Debbie argue, Emma calls her mom.  They check the number and realize Marcus is at Alcide's house.

Meanwhile, back at the magic shop, Jesus checks the girl Marnie stabbed and says she's still got a pulse.  He and Lafayette carry her into the bathroom and shut the door.  In actuality, the girl really is dead and Jesus is ready to invoke some "brujo shit" - blood magic - to try to separate Marnie and Antonia.  He needs the dead girl's blood to do it.

While Sookie watches, helpless, Marnie gathers her remaining coven to cast a spell on Bill et als., drawing them towards the forcefield.  Since the forcefield is powered by sunlight, it will fry any vampire who touches it.  The vampires fight the spell, screaming, but they can't resist, lurching closer and closer.  Inside, Jesus casts his own spell and, before Lafayette's horrified eyes, is possessed by the demon.  Sookie can hear Jason's panicked thoughts as he tries to keep the vampires away from the forcefield.  She blasts that faerie magic through the coven's circle, blowing them apart and freeing the vampires.

Sam and Alcide confront Marcus in Alcide's bedroom.  Sam and Marcus throw down and Sam ends up nearly killing him.  He decides to let him live but Marcus lunges for a gun and Alcide tackles him and crushes his windpipe.  Debbie is terrified and Alcide turns on her next.  If you've ever wanted to know how a werewolf breaks up with his bitch, this is how it's done:  "I abjure you.  I will see you no longer.  I'll hunt with you no longer.  I'll share flesh with you no longer."  Alcide and Sam walk out, leaving Debbie a crying, quivering mess.

Marnie is pissed at what Sookie has done and casts a circle of fire around her.  Jesus reaches deep, speaking in tongues.  Bill and Eric can sense Sookie's terror and can't do a damn thing about it because of the forcefield.  Jesus, in full brujo mode, rips Antonia out of Marnie.  The Spanish spirit fades away as Marnie cries.  The forcefield comes crashing down and Bill and Eric rush into the store.  They let everyone go (except one whiny coven member whose heart Eric eats) and then Bill shoots Marnie, ending it.

Afterwards, everyone picks up the pieces and goes home.  Jesus is really sad about what happened to Marnie and Lafayette tries to console him, reminding him about all the people he helped save.  They go to bed, exhausted.  But before Lafayette can fall asleep, Marnie's spirit appears above him and dives into his mouth.  Looks like the witch isn't quite done yet after all.

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