Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Veronica Mars: “Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down” – airdate 05/22/07

Veronica and Mac are waiting in line to pay for their fro-yo. They are discussing Piz’s issues with Veronica leaving for the FBI internship: she’s annoyed that he’s mopey about it, but admits she would be annoyed if he weren’t mopey. Mac thinks she ought to let Piz know that she will miss him too. In front of them, a girl gets her student ID confiscated. Weevil – oh how we’ve missed you! – has injured his leg on the job and is talking with an HR flunky about his worker’s comp claim. The actor playing the flunky was the paranoid bookshop owner in Angel S4 (“Magic Bullet”). Back in Piz’s dorm room, Veronica is wearing some really strange overalls/suspenders as she flirts with Piz. This leads to some chemistry-free foolin’ around which has me squirming with horror. The campus police have gone to Keith regarding the fraud with the fake student IDs; the two students who were nabbed pick Weevil out of the lineup.

Weevil, who has been fired, uses his one phone call to call Veronica: “I need a bail bondsman and a PI, and you need a 21st century answering machine!” She goes to the jail and they work out that he is being framed. The only people who know he is an ex-con are the students in her Criminology class. [This double-episode does a really lovely job with continuity, wrapping up as many loose ends as possible and answering questions we might otherwise never know because the damn CW has CANCELED THIS SHOW.] At the bursar’s office Veronica gets to flash her shiny new PI license and learns about the mag-card machine used to code the ID cards. Wallace notices that he is being followed by some student and is slightly weirded out by this. Another mag-card machine is found in the empty locker next to Weevil’s and, after Veronica does some interviews, it turns out that he has no alibi.

Veronica keeps Wallace company while he works on his airplane in the aerodynamics lab; he mentions that he’s being followed. They’re very cute together – it’s like old times! Veronica asks Wallace’s professor about the mag-card machines; he refers her to a grad student, saying the technology needed to code the machines is unbelievably sophisticated. Piz invites Keith to be in a pre-election radio show to rebut Vinnie, mentioning the available 4,000 college votes. Keith tells Veronica that only Weevil’s prints were found on the mag-card machine. When Veronica meets with the grad student, they discover that all his research has been stolen from his files. [Hey! These acts are really short. And there are really a lot of commercials in between. Stupid CW.]

On Piz’s radio show, things go badly for Keith as Vinnie insinuates that he doesn’t care about underage drinking in campus-adjacent bars. Wallace confronts his stalker and it turns out the Hearst College secret society, The Castle, has tapped Wallace for membership. Wallace is alternately creeped, worried and proud. Veronica and Weevil retrace his steps, trying to discover how the people framing him might have gotten his fingerprints. On a stop at a dorm room, they discover that some boxes that he touched when working on the sink are now missing. One of the roommates living in this room is in Veronica’s Criminology class. A suspicious Veronica manages to get a photo of a photo of the roommate with a group of friends.

Upon closer inspection of the photo, Veronica picks out the roommate, the grad student and the two students who identified Weevil. Logan [finally!] is on the phone with Parker when Dick staggers in, wanting to talk about Beaver. Logan tells him that they’ll go surfing to get Dick’s mind off things. At the beach, Veronica, Piz, Mac and Wallace test Wallace’s plane; the surf boys are there too. Dick: “Why is this wetsuit like a cheap hotel? No ballroom.” Hee. Piz says that flying the plane is bringing out his inner nerd and Mac asks, “Wait, you have an inner one?” Hee again. As the plane stalls out, Wallace wants some alone time with it, so Veronica, Piz and Mac join Logan and Dick at the fire pit. Dick takes Mac aside and apologizes for being, well, a dick to her and his brother. Back at the fire, it’s truly awkward, and Logan is an asshole to Piz. On campus, Veronica manages to track down the rest of the group in the photo. They bring her to a room in the library where they are all waiting. She smiles.

The group of students tries to bribe her and she sneakily records them. If charges aren’t dropped against Weevil by the next day, she’ll take the recording to the sheriff. She calls Weevil with the good news. He thanks her, and the camera pans down to the third mag-card machine he has collected from the students’ lab. Looks like our boy will never, ever learn. In the meantime, Dick receives an email with a video file; he shows it to Logan, and it’s Veronica and Piz, in Piz’s room, foolin’ around (chemistry-free, of course). Logan completely wigs. He rushes to the campus radio station, pulls Piz out of his show, and administers a horrific beat down. Poor Piz can barely defend himself; Logan is a wild man. At the Mars PI office, Logan staggers in, his hands in shreds. “Veronica, there’s something you should know.” Oh, Logan, this will go badly for you, I just know it.

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  1. I want to know who made those overalls - I like them!