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True Blood episode recap "Evil is Going On" (S3E12)

Eric and Russell lie in Fangtasia's parking lot, slowly burning up in the sun.  A vision of Godric (wtf?) appears to Eric, pleading with him to forgive the King and let go of his quest for vengeance.  Eric screams in pain and frustration.  Inside, when Sookie wakes up, healed by Bill's blood, she jumps up and slaps him hard across the face, furious that he's betrayed her yet again.  She turns to Pam and asks where Eric is.  Pam is still in tears, watching on the CCTV, and replies that Eric is outside, burning.  Sookie refuses to let him do that and rushes outside.  She can't get the handcuffs off at first, however, and Russell taunts her, saying that he'll get free and kill everyone she knows just because she can't access all her powers.  Angry, she steps back and that faerie light bursts from her hands, splitting the handcuffs.  Then she hits Russell with another blast, knocking him into a fence, and then drags Eric back inside the club.

Back in Bon Temps, Sam makes post-coital pancakes for Tara and all is well until he comes out to her as a shapeshifter.  She freaks out, saying she canNOT deal with non-humans rights now - she has had it with all the supernatural freaks around this town.  Sam tells her that she's smart enough to get away from it all, change herself and her life and be a brand new person.  He did it, after all.

When Eric regains some strength, he tells the group that Godric told him to spare Russell.  Everyone protests - Pam: "Do us all a favor and let that little fuck fry."  But he is insistent and so Sookie grabs up that silver chain and runs out to the crispy critter in the parking lot, and drags him into the club.  Russell is still alive and his make-up is fantastic: burned to a cindery crisp.  They chain him to the stripper pole and then Eric, Pam and Bill, having gotten "the bleeds" from being awake too long in the daytime (ah, that explains that - how did I not know that?), have to go lie down in their coffins.  Bill wants to help Sookie keep watch over Russell but she doesn't want to be around him right now.  As he strides off, Eric makes a call to someone, saying he'll need his help and his van tonight.

Jason swings by the sheriff's office, which is abuzz with activity what with the DEA being in town and all.  Andy lets slip that the Hotshot raid is happening today and Jason runs off to go tell Crystal.  Meanwhile, when Hoyt gets to work, he finds his mother, Summer and his old high school guidance counselor there, ready to stage an intervention.  He listens to their bullshit for a while and then tells them that he loves Jessica and if they can't handle that, they can't be part of his life.

Lafayette is still suffering from post-V hallucinations: when Sam lets him into the bar because he forgot his key, he sees Sam's hands running red with blood; he sees Rene, pawing at Arlene and whispering that he's inside her.  He freaks out and calls Jesus, telling him that he's seeing things and is afraid he's schizophrenic like his mother.  Jesus hurries over and tells him that when he was learning magic, he saw things too.  Learning magic?  Yeah, Jesus is a witch.  Lafayette: "You a witch, who's a nurse, who's a dude?  Guess I lucked out then, huh?"

Russell tries to bribe Sookie to let him go, offering her $5 million, his house in Mississippi, killing either Bill or Eric for her, or both of them, or neither - her choice.  She turns him down.  He then starts to rant about how glorious her blood is and how the next vamp who tries it, probably won't have the self control not to drain her.  She listens for a while then sprays him with Pam's colloidal silver.  Now he's pissed, and shouts that he'll rip her to pieces, so she picks up the crystal vase holding what's left of Talbot and prances over to the bar.  She dumps Talbot into the insinkerator and turns it on, laughing maniacally while Russell gibbers and shrieks in rage, cursing her in many languages.

Jason and Crystal drive up to Hotshot and she calls her people out.  They are a sad, sorry, dirty, emaciated group.  Calvin is pissed that she's brought Jason here until he hears that the DEA is coming.  They scurry around, gathering up all the drugs: the meth will be hidden in the woods; the V will be dumped down the latrine.  But Felton, having sampled some V himself, has other ideas.  He grabs the V and shoots Calvin and another guy, killing them.  Everyone cowers and screams.  Felton says he's leavin and takin Crystal with him, or else he'll shoot Jason.  She agrees to go with him to save Jason's life, and she tells Jason that he's in charge of the Hotshot rabble now, who'll need someone to look after them.  Jason promises to do what he can - and he'll find her again, somehow.  Jason = new mayor of Hotshot!  (cliffhanger to S4)

Sam makes the rounds, apologizing to the folks he offended the night before.  When he gets to Tommy's cottage, the place is abandoned.  He gets a thought and rushes back to the bar, only to find the office ransacked and robbed.

That evening, Alcide strolls into Fangtasia.  Sookie is excited to see him, but a little disappointed to learn that he's just here because Eric has a job for him.  He tells her that his family is okay, although Debbie has gone missing (cliffhanger to S4), and that he's been thinking about her a lot.  Aw.  Eric begins dragging the still-charred Russell out to Alcide's van and Bill tells Sookie to stay at the club so Pam can protect her.  She snaps that she thinks she can protect herself just fine and shouts that she is formally rescinding the invitation to her home to all vampires present, so none of them need follow her back to Bon Temps.  Alcide smirks at Bill; Bill glares at Alcide: Eric mutters, "If you two are done eye-fucking each other, we have work to do." Heh.

Tara says goodbye to her mother, then goes home to Sookie's house and cuts off all her hair.  Sookie is home when she goes back downstairs and Tara apologizes for being such a bitch.  She tells Sookie that she's going over to Merlotte's to see Lafayette and Sookie gives her a big hug.  When Tara drives up to the bar, she looks at it for a while but doesn't go in, driving away instead.  Will she be back?  (cliffhanger to S4)
The DEA stomps back into the sheriff's office, Jason in handcuffs, angry that no one was there at Hotshot except Jason and the two dead guys.  Andy scolds him but Jason is at peace with what he's done:  "Sometimes the right thing to do a wrong thing, and I know I done the right thing."

Alcide drives off after dropping Bill, Eric and Russell at a construction site.  Eric has dumped the King in a foundation hole and is pouring cement over him.  "Wrapped in silver, encased in concrete, you won't be going anywhere for at least a hundred years," smirks Bill.  Russell is undaunted, still raving as the cement closes over him.  Then Bill sneakily slaps a silver cuff on Eric's wrist, pushes him in another foundation hole and pours cement over him.  He has snagged Eric's phone too and calls Eric's pet assassin, Reuben, telling him to kill Pam.

Hoyt has rented a cute little cottage for him and Jessica.  He wants to marry her, even though that's currently illegal.  They hug and smooch, happy, not noticing a creepy doll lying in one of the dark, empty rooms.  Also, Hoyt's momma has gone out and bought herself a rifle that shoots vampire-killin bullets (cliffhanger to S4).

His work done, Bill shows up at Sookie's house and she invites him in, willing to hear what he has to say.  He tells her he's taken care of Eric, Russell, Pam, and soon the Queen - any vamp who has tasted Sookie's blood.  He professes his undying love for her ... and then Eric is at the door, covered in cement dust, and asking if Bill has told Sookie yet that the Queen sent him to Bon Temps originally to "procure" Sookie for her, or if Sookie knows that Bill actually hired those rednecks in S1E1 to beat her to a pulp so that he'd be able to feed her his blood, forming the bond between them.  Horror crosses her face.  Eric goes on to say that Bill tried to silence him so that Sookie would never know the truth.  She is beside herself, screaming that her invitation to Bill is again rescinded, and he is physically sucked out the front door of her house, and crying that he manipulated her into falling in love with him.  She also yells at Eric to get the fuck off her porch and slams the door in his face.

Eric goes back to his club and finds Pam there, fresh from the shower and bitching that she'll never get all the cement out of her hair.  She mentions that it was Reuben who tried to kill her, so she took care of him.  "Oh, great," complains Eric, "On top of everything I'm out an assassin."  Pam: "I have zero tolerance for that shit."

Tommy is walking down a dirt road, duffle bag in hand, when Sam drives up, murder on his face.  Tommy takes off, running through the woods until Sam fires a pistol into the air.  Tommy is so upset, saying that Sam changed his life, taking away everything he ever knew and now is throwing him away like garbage.  Sam tells him to get over it, get a job, and Tommy shouts that he can't read.  Sam doesn't care so Tommy storms off, muttering that Sam ain't gonna shoot shit.  Sam watches his brother and then aims the pistol, and fires (cliffhanger to S4).

Queen Sophie-Ann arrives at Bill's house, dressed in fashionable black and red as a new widow.  Bill has brought her here under false pretenses: she thinks that he's going to hand Sookie over to her.  Instead, since he has nothing left to live for, he is challenging her and only one of them will ever leave this house.  Their fangs pop out and they fly at each other, shrieking (cliffhanger to S4).

Sookie runs through the night to the Bon Temps cemetery.  Claudine and her glowing faerie cohort are there.  They hold out their hands to the crying Sookie and she steps into their embrace.  The faerie light grows stronger, then flashes, and all the faeries, Sookie included, are gone.

Here's the thing: If Eric can get out of the cement, so can Russell since he's so much more powerful than any other vampire.  The writers obviously couldn't figure out how our regular vampires could possibly kill him OR they're going to bring him back again which would be great.  As confused and overrun as this season was, at least they didn't kill off all the new characters and left some stories to continue to the next season.  Although closing a couple of arcs might have been okay.

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