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True Blood episode recap "And When I Die" S4E12

At breakfast, Lafayette is oddly quiet but Jesus doesn't realize he's been possessed by Marnie's spirit ... until he kisses him goodbye and Lafayette/Marnie stabs him in the hand with a fork.  Ouch!

It's Samhain (Halloween), Wiccan's highest holy day and the day when spirits lurk nearby the living world,  For instance, Sookie gets a vision of Gram - lying dead on the kitchen floor - when she's making coffee.

Jason can't bear his guilty conscience anymore and tells Hoyt about hooking up with Jessica.  Hoyt, understandably hurt and pissed off, hits his BFF in the face several times and tells him they are no longer friends.  Jason is sad.

After Lafayette/Marnie ties Jesus to a chair, s/he tells him that s/he wants the brujo demon inside him.  Jesus: "You cannot trade magic like fucking Pokemon cards!"  Unfortunately, the only way to get the demon is to kill Jesus.  That's too bad - just when the character was getting interesting.

Things are hopping over at Merlotte's.  One of Terry's old Army buddies stops by, surprising Terry because he thought he was dead.  (Is he a ghost?)  Alcide stops by to see Sookie during her shift and tells her that he's in love with her - he thinks they'd be good for each other and should be together.  Sookie says that she can't help who she loves.  Alcide:  Try harder.  Then he gets a phone call and has to go.

Tara swings by Lafayette's house and finds the recently deceased Jesus.  After some screaming, she goes to Merlotte's to collect Sookie and Holly, telling them that she thinks Marnie is back.  They head to Bill's mansion where Lafayette/Marnie has already slaughtered Bill's bodyguards and tied Bill and Eric to a pyre with silver chains.  While Lafayette/Marnie rants and lights the pyre, Holly casts a circle of salt and the three girls join hands and start chanting, trying to cast Marnie out.  They call upon the friendly spirits - and the spirits come, dozens of them, including Antoina - who extinguishes the pyre before the two vampires get too crispy.  Gram is there too, and she reaches down Lafayette's throat and pulls Marnie out.  The witch's spirit rages that she's not ready to go.  But the other spirits step in and send her off into the white light.  As the spirits fade away, Gram takes a moment to see how her granddaughter is doing.  She tells a crying Sookie that she'll be okay if she's alone (i.e., not with Bill, or Eric, or Alcide).

Back at the bar, spirit Rene appears to a frightened Arlene and warns her that the ghosts of Terry's past aren't going to stay buried forever and that she should run.  See, I totally think that Army buddy is a ghost now.  On the other side of town, Jessica shows up at Jason's house, wearing nothing but a red negligee.  "Let me in," she says.  He does and they bone on the couch.  She tells him that she doesn't want to be his girlfriend - she just wants to be fuck-buddies for now.  He seems okay with that.

"I am so over Sookie with her precious faerie vagina and her fucking stupid name!  Fuck Sookie!"  This is Pam, having a total breakdown because Eric will not see her after she wanted to blow up the magic shop with Sookie in it.  Speaking of Sookie, she is feeding her blood to both Eric and Bill to heal them from Marnie's bonfire.  The two vampires are wearing matching red and blue striped robes and look like total dorks.  Sookie finally grows a backbone and breaks up with both/each of them.  "This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make but I know it's the right one for all of us.  Don't try to stop me, either of you."  Sobbing, she leaves.

A distraught Lafayette is spending the night at Sookie's house and Jesus's spirit appears to him.  Jesus forgives him and tells him that he'll be okay. "Dude, I'm dead and you're a medium.  I'll always be with you." On the other side of town, after Sam says goodnight to Luna, he hears growling behind him.  He turns and there's a huge black wolf staring at him.

Just moments after Jessica leaves, there's a knock on Jason's door.  When he opens it, it's his old buddy, Reverend Steve from the Light of Day Church (waaaaay back in S2), who is apparently now a vampire.  Oops.  That phone call Alcide got brought him to his job site: the foreman has been glamoured and there's a big hole in the floor of the parking garage: uh-oh, it looks like ol' King Russell is on the loose.  Back over at Bill's, Nan and her "gay stormtroopers" (per Eric) stomp in.  She's pissed because she quit/was fired from the AVL and the Vampire Authority.  She wants Bill and Eric to join her against the Authority, saying there are factions ready to rebel.  They humor her until she brings up the fact that she knows Sookie is a faerie and wouldn't every vampire everywhere like to have a taste of that.  In a wonderful bit of violence. Eric quickly decapitates the three stormtroopers and Bill stakes Nan, who explodes in a gush of blood.  "What a bitch," notes Eric.

And finally, when Sookie gets home she finds a strung out Debbie in her kitchen.  Debbie has a shotgun and as she fires at Sookie, Tara dives in front of her friend. Awesomely, Sookie grabs the shotgun, shoves it under Debbie's chin and literally blows her head off.  However, Tara has a huge hole in the back of her own skull and Sookie screams for help as the credits roll.  There's probably no chance that Tara will actually stay dead, is there?

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