Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two quick things

First, why doesn't Jason Dohring have a regular gig on a television show?  I had DVR'd Lie To Me, which I've never before seen in my life, only because he was on it - and he was awesome as a charming psycho- and sociopathic psychology grad student, totally putting ol' Tim Roth through his paces.  Sure, JD is perhaps specializing in bad boys, but jeez, give the kid a break.  Someone give him a full time job!

Also, via USA Today's Pop Candy blog, I learned about Mari-Kari, an animated web series on starring Shannen Doherty as twins.  Mari is a perky, pretty, not-too-bright elementary school girl and Kari is her dead twin who defends her dimmer sister in gruesome and hilarious ways.  Two new episdoes every Thursday in June.  I am totally hooked.

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