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Preacher recap "Mumbai Sky Tower" S2E2 6/26/17

So, the Genesis voice does not stop the Saint, who keeps coming, raising his gun and firing at Jesse.  An unlucky delivery van happens to be driving by.  One of the Saint's giant bullets goes through the van, turning the driver to slush.  The van swerves, runs into the Saint and crushes him against a streetlight.  Jesse's all, whew!  Behind him, a posse-worth of gun nuts (there is a "Gun Aficionado convention staying at the same motel) run out, clutching their various firearms.  As everyone watches, and Jesse's relief dissipates, the Saint emerges from the wreckage, Terminator-like, and keeps on coming towards his prey.  Jesse uses Genesis to command the gun aficionados to "stop him" and they simply POUR bullets into him.  He stops, shakes it off, and raises his own guns, methodically dispatching every single aficionado even as Jesse Voices at them to RUN.

Drawn by the ruckus, Cassidy drags Jesse back to the motel so they can collect Tulip and go.  Unfortunately, she has found a news report on t.v. about how Annville got all blowed up.  She is stunned, and Jesse gets drawn into watching as well until an errant bullet destroys the t.v. and they all run for it.  The Saint works his way up and down the motel, blowing everyone he sees away.  The body count is high, y'all.  He almost corners them but they escape through a window and drive off.  The Saint is a little perturbed by this, his quarry continually escaping.

The next morning, Cassidy says he thinks he knows who might be able to help them.  You see, last night, while Jesse and Tulip were getting it on, Cassidy was watching t.v. and saw an ad for a casino magician, the amazing Ganesh, and he recognized him as Fiore, one of the two angels who tried to reclaim Genesis back in S1.


In a very nice, wordless sequence, we see that Fiore is adrift following the Saint's killing of his partner, Deblanc.  He finds his way to a casino, the Mumbai Sky Tower, and tries killing himself over and over again - which never works because of the whole angel-regeneration thing (unless killed by the Saint of Killers).  Eventually, the lounge singer notices him and they work up an act that becomes very popular:  the lounge singer kills Fiore/Ganesh in any number of gruesome ways and Fiore/Ganesh regenerates right back.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy go to the Mumbai Sky Tower to find Ganesh.  Tulip isn't feeling it - still shocked about Annville - and leaves the boys to it.  They speak with Fiore, who is completely uninterested in helping them get the Saint off their trail - he hired the Saint, after all.  The angel blows them off but Cassidy has picked up on his ennui and tells Jesse to leave it to him.  Jesse goes to find Tulip, who is sad about losing her uncle Walter, who was a drunk but her only remaining family.  Jesse's all, he doesn't have to be your only family - let's get married!  Tulip:  "Excuse me?"

Meanwhile, Cassidy is waiting for Fiore in the angel's room.  When Fiore comes back after his show, Cassidy convinces him to get high - they both get SUPER high - and in another charming, mostly wordless sequence, run around the room together, giggling, building forts, tossing frisbees, drinking champagne, sobbing in each other's arms in the hot tub.  More than anything, Fiore has been lonely since Deblanc's death.  Cassidy has picked up on this and without overtly pressuring the angel to change his mind about helping with the Saint, tries to bond with him.

There's a long line ahead of Jesse and Tulip at the lobby wedding chapel and when they go to the bar to drink while they wait, Tulip sees a big dude staring at her.  She tells Jesse she's going to go change her shirt and when she comes out of their room, the big dude is waiting for her.  Tulip:  "Heyyyyy, Gary."  Gary: "Hey, Tulip.  Nice shirt."  It seems that Gary works for a Victor - who owns casinos all over Texas and Louisiana - and it seems that Tulip has some history with this Victor.

After a chat with the lounge singer (while waiting for Tulip), Jesse figures out that if God likes jazz, they will likely be able to find him in New Orleans.  Cassidy finds him, telling him that [he assumes] Fiore will take care of the Saint; Jesse's all, great! and we'll go to New Orleans after Tulip and I get married.  Cassidy:  Married?

Up in Jesse and Tulip's room, Gary says that Tulip needs to talk to Victor, like, now.  She doesn't want to.  He presses the issue.  She refuses again.  So then they fight.  Gary is huge, picking her up by the neck and tossing her around the room.  She manages to get some good licks in, however, finally beating him (either unconscious or dead, hard to say) with the heart-shaped buzzer the wedding chapel handed out for the wait.  It's now that Cassidy shows up - "Jaysus! What happened?" - and Tulip snarls at him, "Do not tell Jesse!"  Then the heart-shaped buzzer goes off.  Time to get married.

Jesse and Fiore are in the wedding chapel, waiting.  Jesse confirms that Fiore will call the Saint off and then he can use the Genesis voice again.  Fiore's all, no, you really shouldn't, it's bad - and what else is bad is that boy you sent to Hell.  Jesse: Eugene?  Fiore was supposed to get him out of Hell but is all, nope, it's terrible down there, I can't do it.  At least Eugene isn't completely forgotten.

Tulip finally shows up and says no, she doesn't want to get married - they don't need to.  They all go out to the car.  Fiore asks where they're going next and Jesse tells him that they're going to follow the music and go to New Orleans.  Tulip shivers: Victor must be in New Orleans.  Fiore has told Jesse that the way the Saint is tracking him is by homing in on the Genesis voice, so before they drive away, Jesse uses the voice to tell the angel to FIND PEACE.

This brings the Saint to Fiore.  Their deal still holds: if the Saint kills Genesis, he will see his family again.  Fiore tells him that Jesse is heading to New Orleans but he needs him to do one more thing.  So out in the evening Ganesh show, the Saint shoots Fiore, actually killing him so he can't regenerate.  The audience boos loudly - that's not what they came to see - but the dead angel has a beatific expression on his face.  It seems he has, in fact, found peace.

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