Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading list

It's a good thing that I read pretty quickly because my books are stacking up!  I've been re-reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series and am a third of the way through Book 5, Wolves of the Calla.  I'd forgotten how much I love the billy-bumbler character, Oy; for some reason, this imaginary animal that looks like a cross between a badger and a raccoon and can talk, a little, just caught hold of my heart.  Of course, since this is my second time through the series - and because it's a Stephen King book - I know it won't end well for little Oy (even if I can't remember exactly how) and I'm dreading the turn of each page which brings me closer and closer to the inevitable.

I'll have to take a DT break after this one, however, because the library sent me The Strain by GUILLERMO DEL TORO (I don't mean to shout at you but: Guillermo del Toro!!!) and Chuck Hogan (whoever he is), which was recommended to me by Friend of the Blog, Bill P., and also The Passage by Justin Cronin, recommended to me by Bill P., Dian Q. and Spencer R.  Wait, that's weird: P, Q, R ... Anyway, I'm really excited about these two books and will duly report back to y'all.

I've also got Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 bu David Petersen which I treated myself to with some birthday money.  And since we're inching inexorably towards spring, I've got Waterwise Landscaping with Trees, Shrubs & Vines (Rocky Mountain Region) by Jim Knopf to delve into as I'm hoping to make some changes in the front yard so we don't have to water so much.  Too much to read!  What are you guys reading right now?  Anything I should add to my stack?

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