Monday, February 14, 2011

Mini movie review: Easy A

I wanted to love Easy A, I really did.  I adore Emma Stone - and here she is smart, sweet, kind, funny, adorable and gorgeous, yet completely unafraid to make foolish faces and act like a goofball.  I liked the concept: a retelling of The Scarlet Letter as an outcast high school girl (Stone) courts notoriety to help out those even more outcast than she.  But I just had so many issues with so many of the supporting cast: Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson were too over the top as her coolest-parents-on-the-planet parents (Clarkson was particularly too much); Phoebe from Friends was waaaaaaaaaay annoying as the guidance counselor and loser wife of coolest-teacher-on-the-planet Thomas Hayden Church; Aly Michalka (spelling? who even cares?) was the most annoying best friend a girl could ever have; and Penn Badgely, while working his adorkableness for all it's worth, just in no way looks anything like a high school kid.  And I say this with 16- and 18-year-old girl cousins who look like they're about 30.  Pluswhich, there is absolutely no high school on this planet where a girl as smart, sweet, kind, funny, adorable and gorgeous as Emma Stone would be an outcast with only one spastic bitch friend.

You want a twisted, funny and wicked smart movie about high school kids and sex? Try Saved! with Jena Malone, Eva Amurri, Macaulay Culkin and Mandy Moore.  Even Mr. Mouse liked that one.

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  1. Although it's not funny, it's quite entertaining. Actually, this movie tells a teenager story. We can see a teenager have pressures on her.