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Lost episode recap – “The Little Prince” (S5E4) airdate 2/4/09

Two days after the Oceanic 6 have been rescued, Jack and Kate prowl the decks of Penny’s boat, Kate cradling a sleeping Aaron. She asks Jack what they should do about the baby. Kate says she knows that Claire was planning to give Aaron up for adoption and she tells Jack that they should say that Aaron is hers. Jack thinks that’s extreme, but Kate replies that after all the people they’ve lost, she can’t lose the baby too. As she gets up to go below decks, Jack asks her if she’s with him, if she’ll support his plan to lie to the rest of the world about their experience. “I’ve always been with you,” breathes Kate.

Three years later, Los Angeles. Kate leaves Aaron in Sun’s care at the hotel while she runs an errand. After Kate leaves, Sun gets a delivery, going into the bedroom to open the envelope. It contains recent photos of Ben and Jack and a box of Godiva chocolates … with a gun hidden under the top row of candy. Sun lifts the firearm out, studying it intently. I love badass Sun.

Island. Miles fills a water bottle and runs it back to where Daniel and Juliet are examining an unconscious Charlotte. She’s been out for ten minutes. Juliet asks Daniel if he knows what’s going on; he says he thought it might – a neurological symptom of Charlotte’s brain trying to keep up with all the time shifts. Juliet thinks he’s full of shit, saying that it’s not happening to any of the rest of them, so what gives. Daniel just murmurs that he’s grateful that it’s not affecting the rest of the group.

Los Angeles. Kate is at the law firm, meeting with the attorney who wanted blood samples from her and Aaron. She tells him that she’ll agree to the blood tests only if she can speak to his client about it first. Lawyer says he’ll ask the client but he’s pretty sure that the answer will be no – because Kate really doesn’t have a leg to stand on here, seeing how he already has a court order for the exchange of custody. Kate’s all “exchange of custody?” Lawyer says yup, she’s going to lose the kid for sure.

Island. Locke tells Sawyer that they should go back to the Orchid Station – that’s where this all started, so maybe that’s where it can end. Plus, Locke wants to try to get off the Island using the same escape route Ben did, reasoning that all this is happening because the six got off the Island. “Don’t you want her to come back?” he asks a bewildered Sawyer. “Doesn’t matter what I want,” gruffs Sawyer. Charlotte wakes up, disoriented and dizzy. Now what, asks Miles. “I’ll tell you what,” says Sawyer, glaring at Locke, “we go back to the Orchid.”

Los Angeles. Jack and Sayid are arguing gently in the hospital, Jack saying that Hurley will be safe with Ben, Sayid insisting that he will not. They are interrupted when a pissed off doctor yanks Jack out of the exam room to remind him that his medical license has been suspended and just WTF does he think he’s doing? Then they are interrupted when Jack gets a call from Hurley. The big guy wants to know if Sayid is okay and tells Jack that he’s safely away from Ben in L.A. county lock-up. Jack: “Um, what?” Jack hangs up the phone as Ben pops up. “Good, you’re here. How’s Sayid?”

Sayid is being attacked by a fake orderly who tries to shoot him with more tranquilizer darts. Sayid is onto him, however, and there’s a fight. Sayid quickly gets the upper hand (people should stop trying to tussle with Sayid) and shoots the guy full of his own tranqs. There’s an address in the guy’s pocket and, when Jack and Ben burst into the exam room, boggling at the unconscious thug on the floor, Sayid asks them if they know anyone at that address. Jack looks pole axed as he realizes it’s Kate’s address.

He calls her, telling her that she’s got to get out of her house. She’s way ahead him, telling him that Aaron is safe with Sun at her hotel. (Ooh – any chance Sun is the one planning to take Aaron away? That would be cool.) Jack insists that he must meet with Kate and so Ben tells him to meet up back at the marina – and hurry. He and Sayid will go after Hurley.

Nighttime on the Island. Sawyer wants to know what Locke plans to say to Kate to get her back to the Island but Locke hadn’t figured that out yet. The group stops in their tracks when they see a huge beam of light rising straight into the sky out of the jungle. Locke wants to avoid it. Daniel wonders if Locke knows when they are but Locke can’t (or won’t) say. They keep walking. As they do, Miles notices that his nose is bleeding too, but he doesn’t tell anyone about it.

Suddenly, horrific screaming comes out of the jungle. Sawyer goes to investigate. He turns a corner and the screaming is Claire, giving birth to Aaron. Kate is there too, helping, and Sawyer gets all misty-eyed as he watches. Is this a retcon? Because I totally don’t remember the birth. Then, to Sawyer’s dismay, the white light flashes again and the girls are gone. Locke comes up to ask if he saw anything but poor sad Sawyer says it doesn’t matter now. Aw.

Los Angeles. When Jack walks up to Kate’s car, she gets all mushy since he shaved that fugly beard. Fickle twit. She tells him that someone is after Aaron. Just then, the lawyer drives by. Kate snaps at Jack to get in or don’t, she’s gotta go. Jack jumps in her car and she takes off after the lawyer.

Island. Locke persists in asking Sawyer what he saw, saying that both of them know when they were because of what they saw: as Locke recalls it, it was the night that Boone died. They all keep walking. Miles tells Daniel about his own nosebleed. Daniel thinks it might have something to do with length of time of exposure to the Island. Miles thinks he’s nuts, saying he’s only been here for two weeks. Daniel: “Are you sure?” When they get back to the beach, the camp is there again, albeit trashed and deserted. The zodiac is gone too, but there’s something new: a couple of dugout canoes. “Who came in these - other Others?” snarks Sawyer. Locke decides to take advantage of what they’ve got and they launch one of the canoes to paddle to the other side of the Island where the Orchid station is.

As they are paddling, Sawyer confides to Juliet what he saw before the last flash. This tender moment is interrupted when gunshots are fired from the now pursuing second dugout – paddled by whom we do not know. Juliet hands Sawyer her paddle when his is splintered by a bullet and stands up to fire back with her own gun. Then, the light changes and they get another flash, Sawyer howling out as they flip through time, “Thank you lord!” Of course it is a terrible storm when the flash ends and Sawyer then shouts, “I take that back!” as they all paddle like crazy for shore. The other dugout is nowhere to be found.

Los Angeles. Kate and Jack follow the lawyer to a motel. Now what, Jack wants to know. The motel room door opens and reveals Claire’s mother, a/k/a Aaron’s grandmother. You know, Kate really doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. Some time later, the lawyer leaves. Kate and Jack are still sitting there. Kate is ready to go but Jack wants to go talk to Claire’s mom. Ooh! He thinks he’s got some pull because Claire is his half-sister, although Kate doesn’t know this. She thinks he’s just being nice and lets him go. Claire’s mom lets him in. When he tells her that “Everything [he and Kate] did, [they] did for Aaron, Claire’s mom asks, “who’s Aaron?” So Jack runs back to Kate to tell her that whoever is trying to take Aaron, it’s sure not Claire’s mom – she’s just in town to pick up a settlement check from Oceanic Airlines. Kate thinks it’s an awfully strange coincidence that Claire’s mom’s lawyer is the same as the mystery client’s lawyer. It’s got to be part of Sun’s revenge, I’m just sure of it!

Ben and Sayid drive Ben’s van to a parking garage. The lawyer is there (he’s everywhere!) to hand Ben a file, saying that there’s no case against Hurley. Ben says thank you; Sayid looks pensive.

Island. The gang beaches the canoe, exhausted and unsure of where/when they are. Juliet wants Sawyer to tell her how it felt to see Kate again. He doesn’t want to but he does, saying he was close enough to touch her, talk to her. “Why didn’t you?” Juliet asks. Sawyer, sad and gruff: “What’s done is done.” Then he notices that Juliet’s nose is bleeding. They are distracted, however, when Charlotte calls them over to take a look at wreckage washed up on shore. Locke flips a canister open and the writing on it is in another language - “anybody speaks French?” he asks.

Cut to a life raft on the ocean in the pouring rain. Everyone speaking French – with no subtitles so I have no idea what they’re shouting about although I’m guessing it’s about being stuck on a life raft in the pouring rain. They see someone clinging to some debris in the water and drag the person onto their raft. I am absolutely certain that it will be Rousseau … until they turn the body over and it’s Jin. Even better!

Los Angeles. Kate and Jack pull up at the marina. Kate wants to know why today of all days Jack called her. He shows her the address they got from the guy who attacked Sayid in the hospital. Then Ben and Sayid show up. Kate starts to wig but Jack says that Ben is here to help. Kate is having none of it, saying that Ben must have been behind the plan to take Aaron. When Jack protests, Ben hilariously deadpans “No, she’s right, it was me. Sorry.” His smirk is awesome. Kate gets up in his face, telling him to leave her and her son alone. Ben calmly reminds her that Aaron is so very much not her son, which shuts her up. Meanwhile, Sun is watching all of this go down from her own car, Aaron sleeping in the back. She snatches up the gun and gets out of the car.

Island. Jin awakens on the beach. His face is burned from the explosion and he’s disoriented. Luckily, these French folks can speak a little English and they ask Jin who he is and how he ended up in the ocean, so he gets some exposition about the freighter blowing up. One of the French girls is nice to Jin, giving him some water. She is pretty and pregnant and when she introduces herself to Jin, she is Danielle Rousseau. Awesome!

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