Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Joss we trust


The long-awaited return of Whedon to network television

Tomorrow, Friday, February 13, 2009
9:oo p.m. (Eastern) on Fox

Watch it.

And be patient: like fine wine, Joss's shows need to breathe for several episodes before blooming into full tastiness.

Whither Joss goest, I go.


  1. I've seen the first ep and can't wait to watch Ep2. I have much love for Whedon but do you think this terrible time slot and Fox's FU mentality for his work will even give the show enough time to breathe?

  2. Joss has said in numerous interviews, etc., that Fox has promised to air all 13 completed episodes, in order and regardless of ratings. The Fox guys have also said repeatedly that they know they've given him a shitty timeslot and they'll take that into consideration. Personally, I think it's doomed and I'm pissed that they didn't give it a mid-week slot and a House or Bones lead-in (like they did for Fringe).

    And FWIW, E2 is definitely better than E1.

  3. That's all good news to hear. It would do wonders to put Bones and Dollhouse together given the Angel-Faith connection.

    I watched Ep2 tonight. Well balanced, lots of backstory. An awesome Whedon work.