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Heroes – “Trust and Blood” S3E15 (airdate 2/9/09)

43 hours after the plane crash, the news is not good: all hell broke loose; the plane broke apart when it hit the ground; and some of the prisoners escaped.

Hiro, Mohinder and Parkman hide in a gully from the commandos. When Parkman gets the white eyes of vision, he leads them to safety. Meanwhile, Peter and Claire are running when Bennett jumps out and grabs Claire: “You’re both coming with me.” Claire pleads with her dad and distracts him long enough for Peter to run off. Claire tells her dad that now, after the crash, people are going to start to ask questions. But Bennett begs to differ as an air strike blows the plane – and, presumably, any corpses inside it – to bits. Claire stares at her father, horrified. His expression is unreadable.

Nathan is getting pushback from Danko, the head commando guy. Danko has designated the escaped Heroes as terrorists - to be killed, not collected. Danko snarls that Nathan has to deal with Claire and stomps off. Meanwhile, Peter finds Tracy, hiding in the bushes. She’s pissed off, protesting that she’s not a rebel – she liked her life. Peter’s all, Nathan can’t be trusted and you’ve got to come with me now. She does. Also meanwhile, Parkman’s white vision eyes have led him, Mohinder and Hiro to an RV. He breaks in and brings out a piece of paper and some crayons. Now is not the time for sketching, Parkman, cripes! Mohinder and Hiro take advantage of the downtime and steal clothes off the clothesline to get out of their orange jumpsuits.

Daphne superzips into Tokyo and finds Ando. She tells him that Parkman is missing and she’s worried. Ando says that Hiro is missing too and he has tracked him by GPS to Arkansas, but has been having trouble getting a flight there. “Why fly when you can run?” Daphne asks. She grabs his arm and they speed off.

Back in Arkansas, Mohinder tells Hiro that he should surrender since he doesn’t have his powers anymore and maybe he’ll be let go. Hiro refuses, determined to fight the good fight. Parkman comes out of his trance and the boys all look at his drawings, unable to make much sense of them. They are at least able to determine that Daphne gets into trouble at the crash site, however, and Parkman rushes back that way to help her, ignoring Mohinder’s protests.

Newark, New Jersey. Oh good, new characters. (That was my sarcastic voice.) Mary and Luke Campbell, a mother and son who live across the street from Samson Gray apparently, come home after she’s bailed him out of juvie for fighting. There’s someone in their house: Sylar, and a hogtied commando. Sylar is interested in getting information out of the commando and thinks that torturing the Campbells in front of him might be a good way to go about it.

Daphne and Ando arrive at the crash site. They duck behind some wreckage, sussing things out. In the woods, Peter and Tracy manage to incapacitate two guards. Peter is planning to go back to the crash site, disguised as a guard, to confront Nathan. Tracy has a better idea because she thinks she knows Nathan better. Peter’s like, you think you know him ‘cause you slept with him? Okay – let’s try your plan.

Meanwhile, Claire is bitching at her father. He tries to explain that he has made “certain arrangements” for her safety, but these people with abilities have to be controlled. Nathan strolls up and tries to tell Claire that it’s for her own good. She snarls at both her fathers, not interested in anything they have to say. Nathan and Bennett take a sidebar, and Bennett tells the young senator that he’s got to keep his hunter (Danko) on a leash. Taking advantage of their distraction, Daphne zips in and frees Claire. As they watch the girls go, Nathan barks at Bennett that he better get her under control as she’s running out of favors. Not one to be threatened, Bennett replies that he wonders what Danko would do if he knew Nathan was one of Them.

Claire, Daphne, Ando, Hiro, Parkman and Mohinder all regroup on the hillside above the plane wreckage. Then all hell breaks loose - again. The commandos shoot Daphne, and then Claire – who could take it. But Parkman, wild over Daphne’s presumed demise, gives a big mental push and the commandos start firing on each other. As Nathan says in his voiceover, it was a bloodbath. Danko handcuffs Claire and drags her off while the rest of the boys scurry away.

Newark. Sylar isn’t getting anywhere with his captive commando so he goes to work on Mary Campbell. When he gets too tough, Luke demonstrates a power of his own, breaking free of Sylar’s TK hold and sending a force field or heat wave at their tormentor. Hmm, says Sylar, letting go of Mary for a moment, you and I need to talk, Luke.

Crash site. Danko drags Claire back to his headquarters and threatens to put a bullet in the back of her skull, ending things once and for all. Both Bennett and Nathan rush to her defense and Bennett says he’ll take her home. As Nathan glares from a distance, Claire pleads, “What about Peter and the others?” Bennett, because he really is a good man, glances at Nathan then tells his daughter that he’ll do what he can. He puts her in a car and sends her off.

Nathan gets a phone call from Tracy, interrupting a threatening interlude with Danko. She tells him that she wants her old life back, immunity, and in return she hands over Peter. Nathan thinks that will be fine. When she hangs up, Peter looks at her. She tells the younger Petrelli that Nathan is on his way. Now, we know she’s double-crossing one of the Petrellis, but which one? And why can’t she get killed off instead of Daphne or Elle? Ugh.

Newark. Sylar wants a demonstration of Luke’s power, standing an action figure on the table. While his mom watches, Luke sends another heat wave towards the plastic figure, melting it. He says that some stuff melts, some burns, water boils and “you should see it around pacemakers.” Sylar is intrigued, seeing a lot of himself in young Luke: the antisocial behavior, nasty little secrets, drone of a mother and absentee father. He wants to know what Luke knows about Samson Gray. While this is going on, the commando manages to free himself, grabbing for his gun. Luke, starting to make a connection with Sylar, pushes him out of the way and melts the commando’s gun, and then pretty much makes the commando’s blood boil until he collapses. Mary screams, horrified at what her son has done. Sylar just smiles.

Later, Luke asks Sylar to take him along, saying that Sylar is the only one who might understand what he’s going through, plus he can help Sylar find Samson Gray. Sylar knows Luke isn’t lying and they take off together in Mary’s car. I wonder if they left her alive?

Nathan drives up as Peter and Tracy lurk in the shadows. As far as Peter knows, the plan is for Tracy to incapacitate Nathan with her powers,. But Nathan calls her bluff, saying although he knows this is a trap he’ll still honor their deal: hand over Peter and she gets her life back. Peter comes out, holding a gun on Nathan but it’s a double-doublecross and Nathan’s commandos have surrounded them, rifles trained on both Peter and Tracy. Peter grabs Nathan long enough to snatch his power and then flies away to safety; Tracy, on the other hand, gets taken shrieking and screaming into custody by the commandos. Nathan approaches Bennett, noting that Bennett had Peter cold in his sights just then. He thanks Bennett for not taking the shot and Bennett nods.

Parkman, Mohinder, Peter, Ando and Hiro meet up sometime later. They peruse Parkman’s newest drawings. Hiro thinks he has to go to India to regain his powers. Whatever, Hiro. Parkman doesn’t want justice, he wants revenge for Daphne. Peter says that their old lives are over and they will have to do whatever it takes to survive, as well as preparing to take the fight to their enemies. They all put on their resolve faces.

In Costa Verde, Claire sits and broods on her bed. That’s a frickin’ huge bedroom she’s got there. Sandra comes in, noting that she’s been quiet since she got back. Has Claire made any college decisions? No, she’s thinking of staying close to home and getting a part time job – which Sandra thinks is a great idea as she’s missed her daughter a lot. As her mom leaves the room, Claire gets a text from someone telling her that rebellion is at hand and not to give up as she is not alone. She puts on her resolve face.

Nathan is on the phone with Angela, relating the recent events and asking for her assistance for when Peter contacts Claire, as he knows he will. Angela notes that her eldest son seems to be asking for reassurance and absolution, things that she is not willing to give since he pushed her aside for political gain. She pages through Danko’s file and hangs up on Nathan.

And then my DVR cuts me off before the end of the episode. Grrr – anyone know what happened in the very last scene?

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