Thursday, October 2, 2008

Niblets and bits

Woo-hoo! Did y'all notice? That last Fringe recap was my 300th post! I rule!

The in-laws arrived today and, due to the silly way Mr. Mouse and I have set up our home, have blocked all access to the television because they go to bed early (our guest room = t.v. room in an attempt to seem grown-up and not have the television dominate the living room ... which consequently never gets used because we're always up in the guest room watching television). So this weekend you will not be getting a review of Night Watch, the Russian vampire movie with subtitles that I am DYING to see; nor will I be able to catch up on S3E1 of Dexter which has been languishing in the DVR whilst I typed my little fingers off to bring you True Blood, Heroes and Fringe.

No matter. I got to watch S2E1 of Pushing Daisies last night - yay! - and while I am thrilled to have this fantastic/fantastical show back, I was less than thrilled with the get-Olive-to-a-nunnery storyline. Olive is, in large part, what makes Pushing Daisies awesome and sticking her in a convent is Just Not Going To Work For Me.

What else? Fryeburg Fair tomorrow: the latest, biggest fair in Maine -what would be the State Fair if this state had such a thing. Lots of animals (pig scrambles, oxen pulls and harness racing, oh my!) and LOTS of food: pulled pork sandwiches, chopped brisket sandwiches, corndogs, maple cotton candy, kettle corn, funnel cakes, birch beer ... I anticipate well-earned indigestion by tomorrow night.

And finally, because I firmly believe that nothing is better than bacon (unless maybe Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder in a pillow fight), I offer you these links, compliments of Justin Ellis of the Portland Press Herald: The Holy Church of Bacon (seems a bit silly) and Bacon Today (which may just end up getting added to my RSS feeder).

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