Saturday, October 25, 2008

Infection movie mini-review

I have got to stop watching J-horror. I don't even really like it that much. For one, the movies are scary in a creepy, atmospheric sort of way: you just sit there, dread mounting, getting more and more nervous and uncomfortable because something awful or yucky is going to happen. And then there's the jump-scares that always get me. I hate jumping at stuff in movies.

Infection is a great entry into Asian horror films. Literally about a contagious infection rampaging through a down-and-out hospital, turning patients and staff into slushy green goo left and right, there's also a high level of metaphor prevalent about how fear and guilt can infect one's mind and be transmitted to those nearby. And because this is an Asian movie, there are also some ghostly presences and strange old people, as well as non-linear moments that will make the casual watcher go, "Um, what?" Amid the ick and the fear, there is some nice work with color and lighting and effective use of mirrors both in the story itself and in the cinematography. Well, I'm half-guessing about the cinematography as I was watching under the blanket for most of the movie, peeking out from between my fingers and thanking the PTB that I was watching this during broad daylight. Gave me the willies, I tell you.

I think I'll ease off the J-horror and give myself a break for a bit. Luckily I have A Nightmare on Elm Street (the original) waiting for me in the DVR. That's not scary, it's just fun!

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