Monday, June 9, 2008

Boston Weekend Redux

We just had our second annual girls’ weekend and, in spite of the terribly hot and sticky weather, it was a rousing success! This time we (my mom, my sister-in-law and three dear family friends – including Friend of the Blog, AnnaB) spent Friday night at AnnaB’s wonderful, funky 1890s farmhouse, dining on chicken and veggie kabobs, Mexican-style corn on the cob (shucked, grilled, slathered with mayonnaise and sprinkled with cheese and spices) and strawberry shortcake.

Saturday morning we piled into the borrowed minivan and road-tripped to Boston where we:
  • Took a Duck Tour
  • Stayed at the 463 Beacon Street Guesthouse
  • Had a great lunch and pitchers of margaritas (regular and blood-orange) in Central Square, Cambridge
  • Gleefully spent money at Ten Thousand Villages, next door to the margaritas in Central Square
  • Strolled down Charles Street, through Beacon Hill, the Public Garden and the Common
  • Walked to the North End where I was bitterly disappointed to learn that Dairy Fresh Candies – my favorite place ever in all of Boston – has closed its doors after 45 years in business (website does not appear to be updated w/r/t the closing)
  • Drank beers at Boston Beer Works while watching the Belmont - I should have learned by now never to bet on the grey horse
  • Walked back to and through the North End for our fabulous dinner at Monica’s which was fabulous for two things in particular: the food (especially my delicate fettucini with prawns and littleneck clams) and the extremely attractive staff (yowza!)
  • Picked up postprandial cannolis and tiramisu at Mike’s Pastry (because the line at Modern Pastry was just too long) and ate while dangling our toes in the wonderful fountain in the new park between Haymarket and the North End
  • Had a fantastic Sunday breakfast at Johnny D’s in Somerville (they have the best oatmeal in the world! plus the rest of the menu is awesome too) before walking through Harvard Square and then heading home, tired, happy and extremely well-fed

P.S. to AnnaB - in case you haven't seen it yet, Friday's BSG was not the season finale ... there's still more to come!

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  1. I am still one episode behind which is frustrating because I basically have to avoid the internet. On the other hand, I'm getting a lot done at work.