Saturday, October 20, 2012

Enter the asylum

This is the lamest FMS Scarelicious October Movie Series we've had yet, and I am very sorry about that.  I totally blame because NOW, due to some unspecified "delay," they are not sending me my movies at all. I'm more than a little annoyed and am considering making the switch to Netflix ... except that I really don't want to have to re-enter 700+ DVDs into a new queue.  I did receive Dead Meat finally and I'll be watching that tomorrow; even at just 80 minutes long, it's still too late for it tonight.

One brighter horror spot on the week: American Horror Story Asylum started up.  Did you see it?  I think it's a much stronger start than S1 last year, despite no Connie Britton.  In the first episode alone we got aliens, crazy people, people being persecuted for being lesbians and/or in an interracial marriage (what with being the 1960s and all), not-crazy people involuntarily committed, mad scientists, mad nuns, strange flesh-eating woods-dwelling creatures and blowjobs whilst one's arm is getting ripped off.  That's a great start!  Honestly, even with all the craziness, it's still more coherent than the series's first episode.  I have hopes for this show this season - not high ones, but still hopes.

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