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Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles S2E14 "The Good Wound"

Sarah wakes up in a hospital, hearing old dialogue from the original movie Terminator, with Kyle Reese telling her he loves her and she needs to get on her feet.  She rips the IV out of her arm and lurches from the bed, gasping in pain.  Vision Kyle extends a hand, helping her up. The sheriff's deputy on guard in the hallway hears breaking glass and barges into her room.  She is hiding behind the door and chokes him into unconsciousness.  Vision Kyle walks her out of the hospital and tells her that she needs to get the bullet out of her leg, and she should call "him" for help.

Meanwhile, John has called Derek in a panic, having brought the suicidal Riley to the ER.  Derek chastises him for bringing her in, saying that now psych staff, case workers and foster care will get involved.  Derek's proved right when the doctor tells John he'll have to hold Riley on a suicide watch overnight.  Sarah calls Derek and tells him about the warehouse, asking him to go out there and check it out, plus burn her car, wherever she left it.  After he hangs up, John asks: "Is this real this time?"  Derek: "I think the bullet in her leg is real."  John commences freaking out.

VISION KYLE IS ANNOYING.  A young doctor pulls into the hospital parking lot.  Sarah kidnaps her at gunpoint to get help for her leg.  They go to a motel.  Sarah is paranoid and defensive and Vision Kyle coaches her, telling her to let the doctor help her.  Sarah tells a story that alludes enough to being hurt by a man that the doctor has some sympathy for her; Sarah means the guy who shot her plus all the Terminators that beat her up, but the doctor thinks she means a husband or boyfriend.  There may be some over-identification going on here.

The deputies go through Sarah's car, wherever she left it.  It's covered in blood from her leg wound.  They get a call from the hospital, informing them of Sarah's escape.  The DVD skips here but I don't think I've missed much.  At the [other?] hospital, Riley wakes up to find John and Cameron at her bedside.  She is less than thrilled to see Cameron and pleads exhaustion so they'll leave.

Back at the motel, the doctor tells Sarah that she can't get the bullet out here - it's too close to the femoral artery.  She tells Sarah they'll have to go back to the hospital or she'll die.

Ellison shows up for his session with John Henry, who is putting together Transformer toys.  The A.I. is speaking with a much more natural affect than before.  They talk about God again.  John Henry then reviews all the bad deeds that its T-888 body did, which it learned about by Googling "James Ellison."  Ellison finds John Henry very creepy.  Later, he tells Weaver that he's not sure giving the A.I. access to the internet is a good idea.

The deputies have found the motel room, covered in blood and discarded medical equipment, but Sarah and the doctor are long gone, back to the hospital.  They sneak into the morgue, the doctor amazingly continuing to be sympathetic to abrasive Sarah who keeps waving a gun at her.  The doctor goes to fetch supplies, which gives Sarah and Vision Kyle a chance to chat some more.  Her leg starts bleeding again and she worries that she'll bleed out - it'll only take four minutes if her femoral artery gets nicked.  She calls Derek who tells her that Riley is turning into a problem.  She tells him that her leg is a problem.  Derek says that she's not to worry about John.

John Henry has requested Weaver's presence in the lab.  The A.I. tells her that it knows she's not human: she's made of metal, not the same metal as it's body, but metal all the same.  It knows this because it looked into her eyes and saw nothing there.  She tells John Henry that it is not to tell anyone what it knows about her.  The A.I. asks her what she is doing.  Weaver says that she can't answer that right now, but that everything she does, she does for it.

The doctor returns to the morgue, ready to operate.  She says that the pain will be bad enough that she needs to put Sarah under.  Also, she wants Sarah to hand over her gun.  Vision Kyle tells Sarah to stop effing around and let the doctor do her job.  Sarah gives up her gun and the doctor goes to work.

In the [other?] hospital, Riley's doctor tells John that Riley has gone missing.  John's all, we have to find her!  Cameron: No, we do NOT need to find her.  John asks Cameron what his future self would do about Riley.  Cameron replies that future John has more important things to do.  Meanwhile, Jess has popped into Riley's room and taken her back to her hotel.  Riley asks if she can stay with Jess, just for a little while since people are looking for her.

Out at the warehouse, people are packing everything up hurriedly, getting ready to bug out.  Then Weaver is there, stalking through the halls, killing everyone in her path.  It's compete pandemonium.  Weaver slices and dices, not even getting any blood on her stylish white dress.  She finds the demolitions materials in a storeroom and blows the whole place sky-high, including all the fresh corpses she made.  Ain't going to be nothing left by the time Derek gets out there.

Meanwhile, the deputies have listened to the recording of Abraham's therapy session/shooting. that Sarah had in her car.  They decide to call in everyone, FBI, ATF, etc.  Things are about to get complicated.  One of the deputies heads out to the warehouse but his car explodes before he can get in it.  It's Derek, who sneaks inside the sheriff's office, burns the paper files and steals their laptop.  He doesn't get that recording, though, because the deputy still has it.  Derek sneaks away and the deputies are all, we're going back to the hospital!

Oh fer chrissakes. Sarah and Vision Kyle continue to talk as she's under the anesthesia.  Blah blah blah.  This Kyle is nothing on Michael Biehn.  Sarah makes it through the surgery and is just starting to come out of it when Derek bursts into the morgue, looking for her.  Thinking he's the guy who abused Sarah, the doctor pulls Sarah's gun on him.  Derek has his own gun, of course.  Then a deputy charges in and points his gun at Derek.  OMG, do NOT shoot Derek before he's had a chance to take his shirt off again.  The deputy yells at the doctor to put her gun down but she refuses.  He calls her baby, and then he calls her a crazy bitch.  The doctor freaks out and shoots the deputy.  Derek rushes to Sarah's side as she wakes up.  As they get ready to leave, Sarah tells the doctor that she should blame the deputy's death on her.  The doctor is all, no, that wouldn't be right; I'll tell him he put the gun to my head and threatened to kill me - it wouldn't be the first time.

As the episode ends, Derek and Sarah drive towards the warehouse, dismayed to see the plume of black smoke rising above it.

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