Thursday, December 8, 2011

Current state of affairs

Oh, yes, it's the midseason slump here at ol' FMS.  The only current show I'm recapping is on break for the holidays.  I've got two DVDs waiting for me to watch them, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  I'm reading Ready Player One and am close to finishing, so that'll be a post soon enough.  So, yeah, kinda slow around the  little blog.

In other television thoughts: Mr. Mouse and I are just shaking our heads at the thought of Community going on hiatus - that show is so brilliant, so funny, so spot-on so much (like that fanTASTIC Glee parody tonight) ... I guess it's just too smart for too many people.  (Much like late, lamented Arrested Development and Better Off Ted.)  American Horror Story is definitely NOT too smart for most people; I haven't seen the latest episode yet (altho I got spoiled for the reveal about Violet - thanks, Google entertainment news blurbs) but it is just a hot mess that doesn't know WTF it wants to be.  Both Mr. Mouse and I are watching Hell on Wheels and while it has its occasional moments - when Bohannon woke up to a chicken staring at him, f'rinstance - mostly it reminds me how much it is not Deadwood.  I'm keeping up with Grimm and Once Upon a Time too, because I love fairy tales and I keep hoping that the writers/showrunners for those shows who used to work for Buffy will get their acts together.  And on it goes.

Tell me, what are you watching these days?  (Yes, Joe, I know I have to go back and finish T:TSCC S2, but that seems like more of a summer show to me.)


  1. I loved Better Off Ted. The Dalek in the background in the basement was classic. And I wish the swearing episode had a full-length version of the short clips of hilarious filth.

    Community is their best show on Thursdays so of course they will bench it.

    The fact that FX is showing the first two seasons of Justified late on Wednesday nights is awesome. Season Two eps start next Wed.

  2. Community's holiday/Glee parody episode this week was so funny, and so spot on, and so clever ... why is it that all the cult shows I like get cancelled? Oh, right, they wouldn't be cult shows if they appealed to the general populace.

    Super-excited for Justified's return!