Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Weekend Musings

Wow.  When I ceased and desisted on the FEFMSSOMS, I didn't actually mean to cease and desist the posting entirely - sorry.  I've been doing stuff, like watching the whole fourth season of Dexter (John Lithgow = awesome), keeping up with Hawaii Five-O (lame) and The Event (lamer), baking chocolate cakes and homemade dog biscuits, raking leaves and getting my photo taken for my season ski pass.  None of which translates to anything postable here, really. 

Well, I suppose I could have recapped Dexter but [here comes the excuse] I was knocking off the episodes really quickly so I could return the DVDs to the girl at work who loaned them to me, and staying up WAY too late to do so.  Recapping just wasn't feasible.  But this was a stronger season that recent ones, I thought.  I still like S1 best, when Dex was new and crazy and we weren't sure if we were actually supposed to root for him.  I'll put S4 as my second favorite season, on the strength of Lithgow's performance; then S2, with that crazy English chick that no one really liked; then S3 as the worst season becaus Jimmy Smits was just so awful with all his scenery-chomping histrionics.  The series is still pretty good but I am concerned about the gradual domesticating and taming of its anti-hero.  We'll see, I guess.

Actually, this post was SUPPOSED to be a review of In Bruges but due to the lame-ass DVD that sent me, we didn't get to watch it.  Instead, we saw The House Bunny, which I actually saw in theaters (review here) but Mr. Mouse had never seen.  It didn't hold up as well on the second viewing, frankly. 

That's it for now.  Looking forward to The Walking Dead tonight and will have a mini-recap up as soon as possible afterwards.

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