Sunday, February 21, 2010

What I've learned from watching the Olympics thus far

  1. The Nordic events (including biathlon) are rather exciting because the competitors actually race against each other, not just the clock.
  2. Watching short track speed skating makes me verrrrrrry nervous.  Did you see that clip from that Celski kid getting his leg cut and almost bleeding out on the ice last year? Yeesh.
  3. I can't decide which would be scarier: luge - feet first and on your back - or skeleton - head first and on your stomach.
  4. While I don't like sharing ski trails with them, I sure love watching the snowboarders.
  5. Women alpine skiers = wicked tough, especially that Anja Pearson.
  6. Knowing how to play bocce sure comes in handy for understanding curling.
  7. A DVR is awesome for fast-forwarding through all that figure skating.
  8. I have a huge new crush on that Aksel Svindel.  Pretty!
  9. Northern New England represent!  "The pride of Sugarloaf, Maine" - Seth Wescott kicks ass for an old guy.  (No, not as old as me, but old for the Olympics.)
I love the Olympics!

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