Wednesday, February 3, 2010

District 9 is going to the big time!

 I can’t believe that little District 9 got nominated for Best Picture – booyah! Although it really doesn’t stand a chance, does it? It’s the only Best Picture nominee I’ve seen, funnily enough, although I’m rooting for The Hurt Locker, which, by everything I’ve read, is the film that deserves to win. I really hope that Avatar doesn’t take it – I hear that what it’s got going for it is the visual spectacle, but the story, the characters and the acting just don’t hold up to close scrutiny.

Those of you who’ve seen more than one of the Best Picture noms, what’s your pick for the little gold statue?


  1. You haven't seen UP? It's awesome. The first 5 minutes are heartbreaking before the true hilarity kicks in. There's one part just after the house takes off that's hysterical and caught us totally off guard.

    That being said, I'm SOOOO not a fan of the whole "Ten pictures in the Best Picture category" change. As an article I read yesterday said, for the "Actual" best pict nominees, look at the Best Directory nods.

    I've seen UP, Inglourious Basterds, and District 9. All are very good, but I'd give it to UP over the others. Inglourious Basterds was just missing something to push it over the top for me. D9 I liked better as it was what it was and had great action and humor despite the strong "message". UP had it all for me. It's my second favorite Pixar after The Incredibles.

  2. I'm waaaaay behind on my 2009 movies - haven't been in a theater since August even. UP is on my Netflix queue, just waiting to move to the top; Inglourious Basterds just arrived yesterday.

  3. I'm actually surprised at how many of the best picture nominees I've seen...I had no idea until I just checked the list! Out of the 10 nominees, I've seen:

    The Hurt Locker
    Up in the Air
    District 9
    An Education

    I really, really enjoyed all the films here, with the exception of Avatar. I liked it, but it was such spectacle that it actually became a distraction. The story itself was sort of stock...I've heard it compared to Dances with Wolves, which isn't far off the mark. And Sigourney Weaver, whose performances I normally enjoy, pretty much phoned it in. The other performances were good.

    The Hurt Locker was amazing. It should win (out of the six that I saw) for a lot of reasons. Breathtaking moments of tension, excitement, and heartbreak all in a cohesive, solid story that most likely resonates with people across the entire political spectrum. Probably one of the best movies about war ever made.
    Up was cute, funny, and touching, but it doesn't stand a chance against other strong contenders with more social/political issues, such as District 9's treatment of "aliens," and Up in the Air's examination of dispassionate handling of job loss by "termination engineers" (there are some truly heartbreaking moments in this film...I'm not ashamed to say I was frantically wiping my eyes towards the end--and I still really liked the film and would probably have it as my #2 pick). An Education had fantastic performances, good story, very entertaining...but, as far as the Oscar goes, this coming-of-age territory has been covered before.
    So, there you go, friendmouse. My 2 cents on the Best Picture race for the 6 films that I saw. #7, Inglorious Basterds, is on my netflix list next...

  4. Oh dear. I am really not much of a movie blogger, am I, when all the comments are much more articulate and in depth than my posts? Thanks for taking the time to share your $.02, bp. I am very anxious to see The Hurt Locker, Up and Up In the Air ... I need more hours in the day or days in the week!

  5. I was stoked D9 got a nom, too, but I doubt it will win. I've seen 9/10 best pic noms (Blind Side - who knew?!). I've enjoyed them all for various reasons

    I'd hate for Avatar to win BP for that exact reason; story and acting don't hold up.

    I can narrow it down to my top three; Inglorious Basterds, Hurt Locker & Up in the Air. I'm trying to get IB again to rewatch it. It seems so long ago since I saw it.

    Really it all comes down to Academy motivations truly deserving being awarded or send an anti-war message, economy message, etc.