Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: the FMS year in review

Compared to last year, I really didn't pull my weight in 2009.  I will totally make excuses for it, saying the whole packing up and moving 2,500 miles away to restart the Mousehold in a brand new place, including having to find a brand new paying job, infringed on my heretofore sacred reading/watching/writing time.  That, and I may have been lazy at times.  Still, this year I accomplished:
  • I put up 172 posts (44 fewer than in 2008) and hit my two year anniversary
  • I watched and reviewed (or at least mentioned) 41 movies (again most on DVD but some in theaters)
  • I reviewed 35 books (9 more than last year)
  • I recapped Lost and Heroes; I gave up on Fringe early in the year; and I didn't do True Blood because I gave up HBO - but as soon as S2 comes on on DVD, I'm picking those recaps back up for sure - can't wait!
  • The best books I read this year were Deerskin, Under the Banner of Heaven and American Gods
  • The worst book I read was The Mermaid Chair
  • The best (best enjoyed) movies I saw this year were Let the Right One In, Drag Me to Hell, The City of Lost Children, Lady Vengeance, Rear Window and District 9
  •  I started a whole new blog
Again, thank you all so much for your patronage, your interest and your comments this year. I'm still having a blast over here and am looking forward to the coming year, with the return of Lost (and Lost recaps) and many, many more movies, shows and books to explore and share with you. 'Til then, my best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and entertaining 2010!

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