Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation summation

Hi, all. We just got back from a well-needed vacation (poor Mr. Mouse hadn't had a week off for a year1) and are now making our way through the mountains of laundry that need to be done. We had decent weather, dry enough that Mr. Mouse was able to get his 25-80 mile bike ride in nearly every day; I, being not so much with the bicycling, read ten books. Since you're about to be inundated with book reviews, therefore, here's how it broke down.
  • 11 library books and 1 loaner
  • 9 read cover-to-cover and the loaner book finished up
  • of the read books: 2 British murder mysteries, 2 medical thrillers, 2 modern novels, 3 fantasy novels (1 classic, 2 modern) and 1 novel set in pioneer Missouri
  • of the unread books: 1 nigh-imprenetrable fantasy novel and 1 "jolly romp" of a 1960s English novel
  • 4 male authors, 8 female
  • and we made it to the brew pub every day.


  1. What was the imprenetrable fantasy novel?

  2. Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I tried, but had to give up about 25 pages in. A brewpub buddy of mine is reading it now (a fact which has caused my worlds to collide slightly) and agrees that it is a LOT of work. He seems to like it tho'.

  3. My novels of late are much less deep. The Dresden Files and Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. I love the Dresden novels. Much better than the short-lived TV show (which I did enjoy). Deep mythology through the course of the series. The Codex Alera is a full-on fantasy series which I also enjoy a lot. I can't wait until the last novel is published. I hate waiting. :(