Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuck in the doldrums

Man, I tell you what. It's big-time doldrums around here. The weather is el sucko, as it is all up and down the East Coast, what with the rain and the clouds and the fog and the rain. We saw the sun three times in the month of June, I think, and not three full days either - one of those times it broke through the clouds for a couple of hours but was raining again by the afternoon. It's all anyone can talk about and we are all gloooooooomy.

Plus there's bupkes for good television on in the summertime (I am so sad I had to give up HBO!) and I haven't been to the movies in ages (I watched Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story last night with Mr. Mouse but the less said about that movie the better*). I'm reading two books right now, both of them pretty good, but have finished neither of them. I haven't even had any bacon lately!

All I've got for you is this link: Futuristic Movie Timeline. It's this great chart that this guy put together with classic sci-fi/future movies, graphing out in chronological order when the movies take place, along with when they were released. It's both interesting and pretty and if I ever sell this damn house and move out to Utah and buy a new house and get my own office, I want a poster-sized one for the wall. Go check it out! (And thanks to Kevin C. for the link!)

* I will grant you that the cast is very impressive. As is Jenna Fischer's cleavage.


  1. Has the weather improved?

    Aside from Fischer's cleavage, WH was quite the disappointment.

    Nice Movie Timeline. I almost thought they'd omitted Demolition Man, but I found it buried in the middle.

  2. Isn't that timeline so cool?

    We had two gorgeous days on Sunday and Monday - clear, warm, sunny, dry, breezy, just exactly perfect Maine summer weather. And then yesterday it started raining again and we set two new July 7 records: 1.56 inches of rain; and a record low high temp of 60. Friggin' weather.

  3. They keep threatening rain here, but we get little to none. A few showers would be nice. I don't want us back in a drought.