Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lost without Lost?

It's a dire time for us Lost fans, with months and months and months of no new episodes ahead of us (and not much in the way of good summertime replacement television either, it looks like). So, you're probably needing a fix right about now.

Unfortunately, I don't have any secret new episodes hidden up my sleeve, but what I can offer you are links to all the sites that I read on a regular basis, after I've watched the show and recapped it. Some are recaps, some are dissections, some are damn funny. Hopefully you'll see something you haven't seen before and, if nothing else, just feed the obsession a little more.

Television Without Pity - of course, although I don't much care for the recapper they've currently assigned to the show, and they're a LOT less snarky now that Bravo owns 'em.

Televisionary - Smart guy, good writer, fan of the show; does discussions/dissections of each episode rather than straight recaps. Excellent resource for U.S./British television in general.

The Lost Diary - live-blogger recapping the show every couple of minutes as it happens. I would KILL for the site visits/comments this guy gets!

Ack-Attack - Absolutely the best of the bunch! Hilarious, snarky and spot-on recap via screencaps. She doesn't do every episode (because it must take forever to do these) but they are pure gold.

The House Next Door - Erudite and extremely well-written recaps/dissections. I always finish reading a post and say, "Huh. Wish I'd thought of that."


  1. Here's a Lost site I came across:

    They usually post hi-res shots from the shows so fanatics can see all the little details/easter eggs that were put in the episode.

  2. thanks for the links --- my wife and I watch lost on dvd -- we really enjoy watching them back to back so we don't get lost in the story line.

    but waiting between seasons then only is longer....ahhh, alas.