Friday, April 10, 2009

Nibbles and bits

Ahoy, mateys - just a quickie today.

Great (if underlyingly sad) news - the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies are actually going to see the light of day! They'll air on consecutive Saturdays at 10:00 p.m. on ABC: May 30, June 6 and June 13.

In book-related news, I recently finished Stephen King's latest collection of short stories, Just After Sunset. Not his best collection and some the stories seemed to be echoing prior works, but I do love me some Stephen King regardless.

I am sorry to say that Friend Mouse Speaks is not recession-proof: although Season 2 of True Blood starts back up on HBO on June 14, I will not be recapping it since I've cancelled my HBO subscription. It sucks (little vampire joke there for you) because I do like the show quite a lot - much cleverer, more sophisticated and gothic than the source books, the first of which I am reading right now and, must confess, am thinking "meh" - and I will certainly be scooping up the S2 DVDs for viewing/recapping purposes when they come out. 'Til then, I'm guessing you can get your TB recap fix over at TWOP. (Their recaps are superdetailed and way longer so make sure you've got plenty of time).

Finally, tomorrow is The Last Ski Day of the Season for the Mouses and, by gum, I hope there's enough snow that we can ski until 11:30 a.m. when the brewpub opens.


  1. Are you going to the passholder's BBQ on 4/19? Do the mice do that sort of thing? Sorry to hear about True Blood. I love that show. You'll catch it on DVD, I'm sure.

  2. We are not going to the passholders' BBQ because we have a birthday party to go to that night back in town - we have gone in the past, however, since we are never ones to pass up on free food and/or drink. I'm sad about True Blood too and wish it were online, but I guess a premium pay cable channel isn't likely to offer their shows up for free to the hoi polloi.