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True Blood S1E11 (11/16/08)

Bill and Pam are burying the girl (Jessica) Bill was forced to make: Pam is there to make sure Bill doesn’t kill the new vamp before she arises. Bill gets in the grave with her and Pam starts to shovel dirt over the two of them, opining that tomorrow night, Jessica will rise as a new vampire. It seems Bill’s something of a hero as not many new vampires are made these days. He’s disgusted with what he’s done, however. (Plus there’s dirt in his ears, which has got to be uncomfortable.)

Sam tries to call Tara from Sookie’s house, but gets her voicemail. He hopes she’s not drunk and in a ditch somewhere. Heh. Sookie makes up a bed for him on the couch, telling him about the vision she flashed on earlier: she was seeing the killer’s thoughts through his eyes, is how they’re explaining it. Sookie recalls that the victim was a waitress but couldn’t quite read her nametag. Sam asks her if she wants to try to call Bill but she shrugs, saying Bill would have felt how scared she was and if he hasn’t come to her yet, he’s not going to come at all. Sam strokes her neck longingly; she scurries up to bed; Sam loads a shotgun, ready for anything.

Tara is not actually in a ditch right now: she’s explaining to a deputy that she swerved to avoid a naked woman standing in the middle of the road “with a big pig … a crazy-ass Paul Bunyan motherfucker pig.” Tara totally looks like a $25 hooker in that dress and platform shoes and side ponytail. Dang. The deputy gives her a sobriety test (that she obviously fails) and takes her back to the drunk tank.

At Jason’s house, Amy fetches buckets and rags so they can clean up the blood and gunk that used to be Eddie. Jason fights with her about killing their pet vamp: “Yankee bitch!” “Dumb fuckin’ hillbilly!” The mess is disgusting and Jason vomits, sick at the remains and sick at what they’ve done. Amy consoles him, reminding him that Eddie was a vampire, a predator, and Jason should not to let him come between the two of them. Because he’s dumb, Jason falls for it.

A shirtless Sam (yay!) greets Sookie at the breakfast table – she’s got eggs and bacon staying warm on the stove for him. She says she’s tired of waiting to get murdered: she wants to go after the killer, and she’s remembered something about the waitress’s nametag. Sam knows the restaurant – Big Patty’s Piehouse – and they decide to go check it out.

Oh, eeeuuuwww! Amy is disposing of Eddie’s remains via the kitchen sink’s garbage disposal. That is way nastier than the time I backed ours up with too many potato peelings. Jason scoops up all the vials of V and crushes them. He tells Amy that he is done with that shit and if she can’t deal with it, then she can pack her bags and go. He storms off to work and Amy, looking stricken, turns back to the sink, muttering, “Love you.”

Lafayette is painting his toenails at Sam’s bar (hee!) and listening to the news where his state senator is making an anti-vampire and anti-gay rights speech. Lafayette gets pissed off at the hypocrisy. Then Amy comes in and Lafayette notices that she’s lookin’ a little worn. When he asks if Jason is dragging her down with all his bullshit, she smiles and says no, moving quickly away. Lafayette wonders why everyone is lyin’ to him today and asks Terry to cover his shift tonight.

Sam and Sookie are at the Piehouse. One of the friendly locals tells them about murdered “Cindy,” who was rumored to have been carrying on with vampires. She was apparently choked to death (like Maudette and Dawn). Cindy had a brother too, Drew Marshall, but he disappeared right around the time of the murder. Sam and Sookie realize that finding Drew Marshall is probably their next step.

Poor Tara is calling her momma from the sheriff’s department, saying it was just a little accident. She begs her mother to stop crying and come bail her out.

Jason tries to rally Rene and Hoyt to go out with him tonight but both the other guys have plans. Hoyt doesn’t understand why Jason doesn’t want to hang out with Amy. He tells them they can’t tell anyone, but “Amy likes V.” He tells them they had a terrible fight and if she’s not gone already, maybe he should dump her. The boys tell him to try to work it out – as Amy’s a keeper – and Jason shrugs, yeah, guess so.

Next stop, Sam and Sookie stop in to the local police department, asking about Cindy and Drew Marshall. The cop is singularly unhelpful, especially after he notices the fang marks under Sookie’s arm. She’s got an ace, however, having overheard his thoughts about an affair he’s being having. The cop immediately gets his helpful pants on and offer to send a picture of Drew to the Bontemps sheriff’s office.

Ooh – a conservatively suited Lafayette has made his way to the state senator’s fancy reception. He shakes the senator’s hand and, not letting go, pulls him close enough to warn him how easy it would be to out him if he doesn’t change his stance on vampires and gays. After a photo op, Lafayette goes on his way, leaving the senator with a case of the squirms.

Back at Jason’s house, Amy has made a nice dinner for her man, complete with wine and candles. She’s very pretty in a tan and white sundress. Jason says he’s late because he didn’t want to come home … he was afraid she’d left. Amy promises to straighten up and he takes her into his arms.

Now Bill is back out of the grave, waiting for Jessica to rise. He’s got a six-pack of Tru Blood ready for her. She drags herself out of the dirt and howls, “Help me!”

Sam is such a cutie. On the drive home, Sookie gets brave, asking if he loves Tara. He says that he does like her, he cares about her, but she doesn’t make it easy for him. Sookie points out that Tara hasn’t had much practice at love in her life. So then he asks her if she loves Bill. She thinks she did, but she’s extremely hurt and angry that he hasn’t come back to her yet. They’re very cute together, easy, laughing.

After a fabulous dinner, Amy brings out one last vial of V that she’s hidden. She wants to do it one more time, for closure. Jason tries to resist but he can’t, of course, and she promises him that this will be the last time.

Bill is having trouble explaining to new vamp Jessica what has happened to her. She just doesn’t get it (and may be sort of dumb). He tells her that she cannot go home – that part of her life is over. She runs through it slowly: “No more momma and daddy … no more little sister … no more home-school!” She is totally psyched and starts cussin’ up a storm (which is cute), and then gets pouty when Bill tries to tell her the rules. She wants to kill people and she’s hungry. He gives her a bottle of Tru Blood but she spits it out, saying it tastes like shit. Now she’s not so cute: she stomps around and sulks and cries and is a total brat. And Bill watches her, thinking holy shit, I just made this shallow teenager immortal. What a very bad idea that was!

Lettie Mae comes to the lock-up to see her daughter. She refuses to bail Tara out - her heart is broken and she tells Tara that she can’t come home. Lettie says she is on the road to salvation and she thinks Tara, who is on the road to hell, is a danger to her. Tara begs, reminding her mother of all the horrible things she put her through as a child: beatings, no food, dirty clothes. Lettie Mae insists that is for Tara’s own good and that she loves her. But Tara is so hurt and so angry, and snarls that no, Lettie Mae doesn’t love her, and never really did.

Jason and Amy continue their V-trip, snuggled in his black satin sheets. As they do, someone in jeans and boots creeps stealthily through Jason’s house. The intruder pulls his belt off and wraps it around Amy’s throat. And later, when Jason wakes up, she’s dead. He kisses her tenderly, crying. Then he phones the sheriff, calling them out to his house.

Bill takes Jessica to Eric who tells him to man up (ha!) - “She’s your punishment, not mine" - and deal with it. When Jessica tries to be sassy to Eric, he snaps at her, telling her to sit down and shut up. She does. Bill insists that he’s got to get back to Sookie. He says he will be in Eric’s debt and will return the favor if Eric will only take this foolish Jessica off his hands. Eric agrees to it, pleased to be holding something over the righteous Bill Compton.

Interesting: Admiral Cain, now wearing clothes, is bailing Tara out of jail. Her name in this show is “Maryann Forrester” and she’d like to help Tara. She’s very articulate and calm and Tara does not seem to recognize her as the naked woman with the pig. Maryann offers to drive her home and Tara ‘fesses up that she got kicked out of her momma’s house, and doesn’t want her friends to see her like this. Maryann tells her she can come home with her, just ‘til she figures things out. Tara is reluctant – “you’re not a Jesus person, are you?” – and Maryann laughs, no, not a Jesus person. Me, I think she’s a witch. A real one, this time.

Maryann’s swanky red convertible is parked right out front of the sheriff’s department. Tara doesn’t want to get in at first because she’s filthy but Maryann assures her that she gets dirty herself. Just then Andy Bellefleur pulls up, ranting and raving that he’s surrounded by “assholes and morons” and yelling that Maryann is parked in an official vehicle zone. She pleasantly makes note of his name, and drives off. Ah, no wonder he’s cranky: he’s got Jason Stackhouse in cuffs in the back of his car.

Sookie and Sam are watching TV and she’s all leaning up against him, flirty-like. He tells her that the best day of his life was the day she came in and asked him for a job. They start smooching and just then Bill busts in. He is like a wild thing and starts pounding on Sam, throwing him around the room. For the record, my Sam gets in some good punches too. The fight breaks up when Sookie crunches a flower vase on Bill’s head – “Stop fighting, you stupid men!” Bill snarls that Sam had his hands all over her. Sookie (after telling Sam to shut up, she can speak for herself) sharply reminds Bill that he left her alone, with no promise of return, and left Sam behind to protect her. She tells him to get out of her house. Bill starts, “If you knew what I have done to return to you …” but she interrupts him: “I rescind your invitation.” She backs Bill out the door as he begs her not to, and then she slams it in his face.

In the aftermath, Sam asks her how she can be with Bill, now that she’s seen what he’s really like. Sookie: “Sam, my living room is trashed and I’ve got a killer, a vampire and a shapeshifter on my plate. I’m not thinkin’ about bein’ with anyone.” Well, rats, says Sam.

Maryann lives in a huge white mansion. Tara is impressed.

Andy and the sheriff are speaking with Jason. Or, rather, Andy is holding forth about what a maniac psychopath Jason is – he knew it was Jason ever since Maudette was killed. The sheriff is gentler though, and concerned when Jason says he can’t remember anything about killing any of the girls. Jason admits that he and Amy used V and when he woke up, she was dead - and since they were alone in the house, he guesses it must have been him. He’s in tears: “I don’t understand what would have made me do it.” Andy tries to lay his grandmother’s killing on him too but Jason won’t cop to that. “This is the worst confession I’ve ever heard,” snaps Andy. Jason begs to be locked up so he can’t hurt anyone else. As they take him back to the cells, the fax machine rings and the photo of Drew Marshall prints out. But nobody pays any attention, too busy gossiping about Jason.

11/17/08 - Oh wow, I so did not pick up on this watching the show, altho' I sort of got the hint through the "next time on True Blood" trailer: apparently Drew Marshall = Rene = the strangler. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

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