Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Next time, on Friend Mouse ... ?

I'm at a bit of a loss these days: this was initially conceived of as a television recap blog, and yet there's very little television out there to recap right now. I still have Lost, thankfully, but Heroes isn't coming back until the fall, from what I hear.

This is what I've been able to glean as far as post-writers' strike new episodes with regard to the shows Mr. Mouse and I watch (there's a more comprehensive list here):
  • How I Met Your Mother - returns March 17
  • CSI: Las Vegas - April 3
  • My Name Is Earl - April 3
  • The Office - April 10
  • Scrubs - April 10

As I mentioned above, Heroes is gone until Fall 2008, as are Pushing Daisies and Chuck. Friday Night Lights is seemingly done as well, but the bad news there is that NBC has not committed to renewing it for the fall season. Lost is switching back to its later time in late April: Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern time (boo! hiss! I already stay up too late to get those recaps posted!). Battlestar Galactica is due to come back soon but I haven't seen Season 3 yet and don't want to get ahead of myself.

In the meanwhile, all the television shows out there on DVD will be my salvation. I'll finish up Firefly because that's a quick and easy job; I have Veronica Mars S3 sitting in the cupboard - still wrapped in its cellophane! - and I'd like to finish what I started there, way back when it was actually airing.

Other than those, I'd be more than happy to listen to requests from folks - I only did Deadwood because my friend Glenn insisted that I would love it and should move it up my rental queue posthaste (thanks again, Glenn!). I've been hearing good things about The Wire but don't know anything about it. So tell me, what else will I love?


  1. The Wire is GREAT. I think you'd like it. And, of course the best show ever was Six Feet Under. Smallville's OK, but I wouldn't recommend it highly. Shameless was FANTASTIC, but I think it was on for a single season and it was difficult to understand (language). I'll keep thinking. I saw a new show advertised the other day that I thought you'd love; I'll try to remember what it was.

  2. All righty then: The Wire is in my Blockbuster Online queue - unfortunately with a "very long wait" for Season 1 (figures). You know, I tried Six Feet Under but I HATED all the characters, couldn't identify with a single one of them. Now, Dead Like Me, similar but very different, I adored. Shameless I've never heard of (it's nothing like Nip/Tuck, is it? because I tried that one too and HATED all the characters - completely despicable with no redeeming qualities).