Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Slacker Mouse

I'd like to use as my excuse that the Writers' strike (go, WGA!) has really hurt this little blog which is, as subtitled above, a "a recap blog for my friends too busy to watch t.v." But that would be a big lie because I've definitely got the raw material from which to blog ... I just haven't gotten around to putting fingers to keyboard. I apologize. I'm a big slacker. In the meantime:

The plan is to have the S3E1 of Deadwood (final season - I'm so heartbroken) up tomorrow. Mr. Mouse and I have powered through the first four episodes and are now anxiously awaiting the next Blockbuster Online delivery. Once I get my groove back, there'll be recaps galore.

What else have I been doing? Well, I'm two chapters into a wicked funny book about punctuation - yeah, I said punctuation. I'll have a review of that up as soon as I finish it. It's a lot of fun but, because of the subject matter, you do sort of have to be in the mood to read it.

Mr. Mouse was too sick to go skiing yesterday and, instead of watching the SciFi Channel's traditional New Year's Day marathon of Twilight Zone episodes, we watched the Fox Reality Channel's marathon of The Biggest Loser - Australia. The Australians were a hoot: not only did they have those great accents (I've been walking around attempting that accent myself and Mr. Mouse just stares balefully at me, shaking his head) but they were completely fearless in calling other competitors out for being whiny backstabbers. And watching a few episodes guilted us into going to the gym - so that's good too.

Please note for the record that I am completely opposed to reality television as a general rule. I hate it and I feel it has done a lot of damage to quality scripted television: why bother to pay writers (go, WGA!) when you can fill the timeslots with cheap shows "starring" stupid, annoying bimbos [I'm using "bimbos" in a non-gender-specific way - both guys and girls] who are willing to do anything just to get on the idiot box. That being said, I do like The Biggest Loser series. I'm not interested in all the drama; I like seeing the trainers change these peoples' bodies and lives. Mr. Mouse has a crush on Jillian!

I'm almost all the way through the Cowboy Bebop movie too. Unfortunately it's been a couple of years since I first watched (and fell in love with) the series, so I've forgotten a lot and have fallen asleep a couple of times. Still soldiering on, though.

Latest purchases getting serious playtime on my iPod: "Chick Habit" from April March, off the Death Proof soundtrack; and the entire soundtrack to Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. I haven't seen this documentary yet but BBQ Bob was playing the CD last summer when we picked up some ribs and pulled pork, and I haven't been able to forget about it. Great stuff - both the food and the tunes.

Finally, here's a list of 2007 movies that I didn't get around to seeing in the theaters and will be adding to my queue as soon as they become available: I Am Legend, Lars and the Real Girl, Juno, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Bridge to Terebithia, The Simpsons Movie, Enchanted, Persepolis, The Lookout, Lust Caution, Rescue Dawn, Gone Baby Gone, The Savages, Eastern Promises, Michael Clayton and Ratatouille. If you've seen any of them, I'd love for you to share your thoughts about them in the comments - hint hint!


  1. Gone Baby Gone was great, I thought. And it's kind of a hoot to see all the local places in Boston. Also - the actor who plays the mother? I still can't believe she's not an actual crack head from Dorchester. She's excellent. There is a really disturbing scene in the middle and overall, it's pretty depressing, but definitely worth seeing.

  2. I'd read that the mom is just amazing in GBG - she even got stopped by security at the shoot one time because the security guys thought she was, indeed, a crack head from Dorchester. I've also read that this film is definite proof that Ben Affleck should stop acting and stick to the writing/directing bits of movies. Thanks for the tip, Anna B!

  3. LowTide and I really liked Ratatouille (I know that's misspelled but don't want to go back what's fix it, would you?). If you like food and things French, why wouldn't you?

  4. I think that's spelled right ... thanks!