Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So, is the t.v. broken or what?

I know: the heading just above reads "... a recap blog for ... t.v." Seems a misnomer seeing how there's been no television show even mentioned in thirteen posts. Has this turned into a literary blog with randomly-sprinkled movie reviews and recipes? Fear not, loyal reader - I promise I will not stray too far from my chosen path. It's just that it's been summer and the t.v. viewing has been for crap.

But rejoice! For the new fall season is nearly upon us and I have assembled my list of shows that [may] bear watching:
My mom will be horrified having read that list - too much t.v.! Truly, she's right. Pluswhich, there is no earthly way that I could possibly recap ALL those shows: I'm only human (and, until the Mouses win Powerball, I gotta keep my day job). I am going to pick up my recaps of Heroes and Lost for sure, and Mr. Mouse wants me to add FNL to the recap list. Of the others, I plan on recording DH and fast-forwarding through everything that is not Nathan Fillion; watching The Office is a rule in my house; and my gut tells me I probably won't get through more than one or two episodes of Chuck - Adam Baldwin notwithstanding -and Reaper.

That leaves Pushing Daisies and Moonlight as the possible new shows I'm going to want to watch, and despite the Jason Dohring factor I'm not holding out much hope for the one about the vampire detective in L.A. Been there, done that and own all five seasons. (They keep saying that it's nothing like Angel but you have to admit the comparison is unavoidable.)

So, what shows are you looking forward to?

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