Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh, the shame of it! Guilty pleasure

I was listening to my iPod on the drive into work, which I always do because the radio in my town is pretty bad and the morning programs are simply horrible. I ask you, why do radio stations assume that their listeners want to hear moronic DJ banter in the morning? The last thing I want to do before I've even had caffeine is listen to inane talk from people who are not nearly as smart or funny as they think they are.

Then this one song came on that made me laugh out loud, glance around sheepishly, and then sing at the top of my voice. It was truly the lamest song on my playlist and I reveled in it. What is this embarrassing song, you ask, your curiosity piqued? Well, let’s run down the top contenders:

It’s not a song by Duran Duran. In seventh grade I discovered this Fab Five and have been a stalwart fan ever since. Their Rio album is fantastic and, while they’ve wavered in some of their other offerings, their 2004 singles were pretty darn strong for such aging New Romantics. (Plus: John Taylor? Still very pretty.)

It’s not a Bon Jovi song either. Another ‘80s mega-band who has actually done really well with their comeback, these Jersey boys’ 2005 hit, “It’s My Life,” prompted me to purchase several tracks off 1986’s Slippery When Wet from iTunes. I was singing “Living on a Prayer” on this morning’s commute as well but I’m not ashamed of that. (Also, Jon Bon Jovi? see above re: John Taylor).

It isn’t from N’Sync or the Backstreet Boys. I like to jog to N’Sync because they’re peppy little fellows. And I only have two BB songs: the one featured in Napoleon Dynamite and the one with that half-concept (movie monsters)/half-dance video.

It’s not even by the Pussycat Dolls. I would normally draw the line at these pop-harlots but a dear friend of mine made me a CD which had the Dolls on it, as well as a bunch of fun music from Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

Here it is: I am very embarrassed to say that the most cringe-inducing song on my iPod is “(I Just) Died In Your Arms” by the Cutting Crew (1986). It’s a terrible song by a one-hit ‘80s band, one of those synth-heavy, not-quite-a-ballad monstrosities so prevalent in the mid-1980s. It’s awful … and I sing along every time it comes up – which is not often, thankfully.

So, ‘fess up: what’s the guiltiest pleasure on your iPod?


  1. You could, for instance, listen to NPR. There's some fairly intelligent commentary there.

  2. Well, yes, there is fairly erudite discourse taking place over on NPR, and yes, I could listen to it. In fact, sometimes I do (mostly Car Talk). But the actual point of this post was to poke fun at the ridiculous songs for which we, as music listeners, retain unreasonable affection. The bit about commercial radio-idiocy was just an off-topic rant.

  3. Hmmm.... Not remembering any songs or artists is not a good trait, but it's mine. Now I've got "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" stuck in my head. I can just see you in your car. I would've been right there with you. I also, as you know, love to rock out to the soundtrack from...oh, it'll come back to me (I'm not kidding, I forgot). You know the one, the one I used to put on repeat in the office until you finally figured out the trick. Cheese. Pure cheese.

  4. Hello there, Blondie-bear! I don't remember the soundtrack either (unless it was from Romeo + Juliet with L. DiCaprio and C. Danes). I do remember you inundating us with Barenaked Ladies, however.

  5. I remembered the song (but not the soundtrack): My Sheroma (sp?)! Now THAT's a guilty pleasure if I've ever heard one.

  6. Aah - now I know which soundtrack you're trying to remember: Reality Bites with Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke and Ben Stiller. And I think you spell it "Sharona" (hee hee) - that's an outstanding song!

  7. Yes! Reality Bites! That's it.

    I've got the current Nickelback (sp?) "I want to be a Rock Star" in my head right now. The video rocks and I've seen it often -- MTV and VH1 play it repeatedly at 5am. Apparently no one thinks we 5am viewers need variety. I could watch that video forever.