Friday, February 8, 2013


We watch too much television.  There’s no question about that:  Justified (both of us), Modern Family (both), American Horror Story (FM), Go On (both), Cougar Town (both), New Girl (both), Parks & Rec (both), The Office (Mr. Mouse), Jeopardy (both), Louie (both), Wilfred (both), Breaking Bad (both), Restaurant Impossible (both),  Top Gear (Mr. Mouse), Arrow (FM), Lost Girl (FM), Fashion Police (FM), The Biggest Loser (both), The Soup (FM), The Americans (FM), The Following (FM), The Walking Dead (FM), Hawaii 5-0 (both - although I mostly just yell at the TV about how bad the writing is), KSL Outdoors (both), miscellaneous sporting events like skiing, Tour de France, etc., but not the NBA/NFL/MLB (both).

But here’s the thing.  It’s not like watching television is ALL we do.  We both work.  We both work out after work 4-5 times a week.  We eat out at most once a week so we always make dinner – not fast food – at home.  We walk the dog.  We make beer and wine.  I grow a few summertime vegetables in the backyard.  We always have at least one book each going at all times; I read daily.  99% of our weekends include time spent skiing, hiking, mountain-biking, road-biking, fishing or camping.  Could we accomplish more if we didn’t watch so much TV?  Of course: the house would be cleaner, the laundry wouldn’t stack up so much, the weeds wouldn’t dare poke their heads out of the flower beds ... but I feel like our lives are pretty full, active and connected as they are.  So, yes, in the evenings, after the busy day’s activities have wound down, Mr. Mouse, the dog and I cuddle up and watch television together.  And I’m okay with that.

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