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Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles S2E7 "Brothers of Nablus"

When Ellison answers his door, there's a T-888 that looks just like him standing there.  Before the T-888 can shoot him, Cromartie sneaks up behind it and kills it.  Why?  Because Cromartie needs Ellison to lead him to the Connors.  Well, that was weird.  Over at the Connors' house, they've been robbed: all their IDs, their cash, the diamonds, a bunch of food, Cameron's leather jacket.  Sarah calls Derek, who's still naked in bed with Jessie.  Derek gives Sarah an address to a diamond fence he knows and says he'll meet them there.

Back at the halfway house, the counselor is scanning in a backlog of files.  When she scans Cameron's photo, it pops up on Cromartie's laptop.  Oops.  He goes to the halfway house where Jody says she knows Cameron, and lets slip John's alias.  "Let's take a ride," says Cromartie.

Ellison answers his door again and this time it's the cops, there to arrest him for the murder of Peter Myers.  Who?  Ellison is as baffled by this as I am.  At the line-up, a witness picks him out.  During the interview with a detective, Ellison learns that he apparently, while naked, killed this Peter Myers guy and took his clothes.  Ellison wants to talk to his lawyer.

Derek, Sarah and Cameron confront the diamond fence, Moishe, who agrees to help them "for Jessie."  Sarah gives Derek a look.  Cameron checks out Moishe's stock of diamonds and identifies a bunch which were theirs.  Moishe says he got them from a guy named Walter Ostrowsky.  They leave without taking their diamonds with them.  Sarah asks Derek who Jessie is; he covers by saying Jessie was a guy who came across with him and Moishe who has since died.

John and Riley go grocery shopping to restock, at the same grocery store where Cameron was arrested and sent to the halfway house.  Cromartie and Jody show up there too.  Jody is so goddamn annoying.  They don't see John there and start canvassing the neighborhood.  Cromartie finds Jody annoying as well and tosses her out of his car.  Ha!

Sarah and Cameron find Ostrowsky, a dentist.  He bolts but Cameron quickly runs them down.  It soon becomes clear that he's not their guy: he actually owes Moishe money and thinks they're there to collect.  Sarah snipes at Derek for Moishe's misinformation and Derek retorts that the reason they're here at all is because her son is acting more like "John Baum" than the John Connor he knows.  They all go back to Moishe's and get another name, some deadbeat videostore clerk.

Cromartie has made his way to Casey's.  She says she doesn't know Cameron when he shows her the photo, but slips that the rental house next door has been taken.  When he leaves, she calls John and tells him that some scary dude is asking about Cameron.  Before John can get out of the house, Cromartie is knocking at the front door.  John freaks out.  Riley answers the door while John runs and grabs a shotgun.  Cromartie barges right in but, amazingly, believes Riley's story, which isn't important but basically is that she doesn't know Cameron who doesn't live at this house.  Cromartie leaves.

Sarah and Cameron talk to the annoying parents of the videstore clerk.  (Is every non-regular character annoying in this show? Jeez.)  The parents are able to give them the names of some of their son's friends, but that's it.  As Sarah and Cameron drive around, Cameron tells a story from the Bible about the brothers of Nablus [the title], a tale of revenge in which all the bad guys got slaughtered.  Then Sarah gets a call from her credit card company, saying that they got a hit at a bowling alley.  Cromartie, also driving around, picks up that call as well, somehow.

Back at the police department, the detective re-interviews the witness who saw "Ellison" kill that guy.  The detective's mannerisms are just enough off that I'm certain he's actually Weaver.  The detective gets the witness to say, on video, that he saw a completely nude Ellison appear in a bubble of energy that dug a crater into the street.  The witness is sure of what he saw.  Later, the "detective" tells Ellison that he's free to go since the witness is clearly a nutjob.  Ellison's all, seriously, WTF?  And yes, as the detective walks outside, he morphs into Catherine Weaver.

At the bowling alley, the videostore clerk and his friends are tossing around a movie idea about - get this - Abraham Lincoln battling zombies.  (Perhaps that flick would do better than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter did.) Sarah and Cameron show up and demand all their stuff back, which the thieves for some reason have with them.  Then Cameron shoots them, saying that they knew where the Connors live.  There's a fourth guy, whom Sarah finds cowering in the bathroom.  She lets him live, but says that if he tells anyone what happened in the bowling alley or anything about her or about where she lives, she'll hunt him down and kill him.  Oh, Sarah, mercy is never a good idea on this show.

Derek goes back to Moishe's place and finds him dead.  Jessie is there - she killed him so he wouldn't blow her cover.  Derek isn't that torn up about it and together they take all the diamonds.

Ellison sits in his car outside his ex-wife's house.  She goes out to talk with him.  He's a bit of a mess, feeling in over his head about the sentient machines.  She is kind to him but tells him not to come by anymore.  Then he goes to see Weaver and tells her about the Ellison-T, saying that he thinks he's being tested.  He doesn't mention his savior, Cromartie, however.

Back at the Connor house, Sarah tells her son that Riley is a security risk and is not allowed to come over anymore.  He gets petulant and she gets pissed: "You can hate me, but my job is to protect you."  John blows up at her: "Then why didn't you protect me when I was killing Sarkissian?  Why didn't you protect me from that?"  Sarah has no response and he storms off.  It's because she was tied up, you whiny brat.

Cromartie goes to the bowling alley and finds the three bodies and the fourth guy.  The guy says that he's not supposed to tell where they got those credit cards or "she'll kill me."  Cromartie tries on a super-creepy smile: "I promise you, she won't."

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