Saturday, July 30, 2011

We'll return to our regular programming shortly

And by "regular programming" I mean "finishing up the recaps of Harsh Realm before moving on to something else - hopefully True Blood."  In the meantime, I'm finding that the best thing on television these days isn't on television but instead: I am so loving Misfits.  Yes, it's vulgar and some of the episodes are a little over the top with the sex (those crazy British t.v. shows) and the plot of the week is often wrapped up a little too tidily ... but the character work is so strong, and it's funny as hell and creepy as hell and violent as all get out.  Each of the five misfits - Nathan, Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis - have distinct, flawed and mostly interesting personalities (I find Alisha to be the least interesting, largely because she's been given less to do than the others), and the way they interact with each other is believable.  I haven't had an emotional connection to a t.v. show like this since - True Blood, maybe? - I like these crazy people, I look forward to seeing them each week and I am interested in what they are going to do next.

Not so much with Teen Wolf.  I know it's already been renewed for a second season but, really, it's quite terrible.  The acting is still awful pretty much across the board and during the last episode, I felt like they left a big chunk of storyline out - everyone was acting so strangely from where they were in a prior scene.  I may give up on it, just haven't yet.

Anyway, off to watch some more Harsh Realm.  And you - you should go watch Misfits!

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  1. I've already burned through both seasons of Misfits, including the Christmas special. You'll LOVE the sex in that one. Waiting on the 3rd season to start this fall.