Sunday, January 2, 2011

Max Headroom episode recaps 8-11

Episode 8: "Deities" - The View Age Church is soliciting money from its teleparishioners to fund "resurrection research," claiming that they can brain-scan you now and then, when you're dead, download your personality into a new body.  Edison starts his investigation reluctantly, as the head of the church is an old college girlfriend.  After they hook up for old times' sake, Max gets kidnapped to induce Edison to drop his expose.

Episode 9: "Grossman's Return" - Let me get this out there right now: I hated this episode.  Ostensibly about public vs. private lives, plus the evils of manufactured news, it was boring and confusing as Ned Grossman, former head of Network 23 and now working for Network 66, double-, triple- and quadruple-crossed his new network and the political candidate it supported in his quest to assume control of a television network again.  Filled with overacting and overreacting (particularly when Edison finds out that Theora doesn't always spend the night alone), this was just an awful episode.  Pointless trivia: the One-Armed Man from The Fugitive (the movie) is a board member on Network 66.

Episode 10: "Dream Thieves" - The show returns to form with this ep, thankfully.  While on assignment, Edison runs into a former friend and coworker, Paddy Ashton.  Paddy's life has taken a turn for the worse since he lost a prime N23 gig to Edison, but he's onto a big story now.  But before he can break it, Paddy turns up dead, victim of an upstart subscriber-only cable network who collects dreams from people for their broadcast: "DreamVu."  The process kills some people, however, and Edison sets out to expose them for what they did to Paddy, unable to keep his emotions in check.

Episode 11: "Whackets" - An apartment building collapses but when Edison goes out to shoot the story, all the survivors are more interested in watching a really lame game show, "Whackets."  It's weird.  The show, broadcast by Blanks Reg and Domenique on Big Time Television as market research for its developers (a shady duo, one of whom is played by Bill Maher!), has a secret code embedded in it that addicts its viewers.  Seeing the opportunity for guaranteed ratings for whatever show embeds the code, Grossberg tries to buy the program for N66, but Edison and N23 break the story before that can happen.

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