Friday, September 24, 2010

First week round-up

So this is what we've seen so far, new season of television-wise.  Note: this post will not include anything about the season premieres of The Office or Community because we had houseguests arrive on Thursday, thus curtailing the television viewing somewhat.  And by "somewhat" I mean "in its entirety."

How I Met Your Mother - It's too bad that Ted is the purported focus of this show because he is far and away my (and Mr. Mouse's) least favorite character.  We like Barney.  We'd like HIMYM to be pretty much all Barney, all the time.  Also: gratuitous lesbian ratings kiss with Rachel Bilson.  She's not the mother, btw.

House - SPOILER House and Cuddy are making a go of it.  And while this premiere episode was quite funny in spots, and fun to see House acting human/happy for a bit, I really feel this show is at its best when it sticks to the formula: in the hospital, solving cases, not getting bogged down in the characters' relationships outside of the hospital.  I worry that the new Huddy relationship will muck things up.  Made me giggle: Chase asking Thirteen to have sex.

Hawaii Five-0 - Plus:  James Marsters as the bad guy!  Minus:  not giving James Marsters anything to do as the bad guy!  Scott Caan is great as Danno: very funny and with good timing; Daniel Dae Kim was solid with what he was given (not much).  Grace Park was hardly given anything to do at all, except stand around in a bikini/take her clothes off, and I hope her role will be expanded because I really like her.  The weak link here is the lead, Alex O'Loughlin.  Both Mr. Mouse and I were entirely unimpressed with him - and Mr. Mouse didn't even have the Moonlight residue tainting his opinion.  Still, we're not giving up on this one ... yet.

The Event - Mr. Mouse did not watch this one, just me.  I'm vaguely sucked in (much like I was with V and FlashForward) but am not as blown away as I was with Lost.  There's lots of jumping around, back and forth through time, and the fact that they had to caption the people's names and the time-frame makes me a little leery.  And fer chrissakes would someone give Jason Ritter a razor?  He is NOT pulling off that scruffy almost-mustache thing in any sort of good way.  I'm still going to watch this - for now.  But I'm not completely convinced.

The Biggest Loser - Yes, we watch this.  It's the only "reality" show we watch - aside from Mr. Mouse's "History of Dirt" etc. on Modern Marvels - so give us a break.  This season: really fat people cry and go to the ranch where Bob and Jillian will make them cry some more.  It appears that this season has lots of drama: dead mothers, dead brothers, abused daughters, etc., etc.  I like the workouts and the competitions and challenges and weigh-ins.  I hate the tears and drama and forced finding of oneselves.

Glee - I've got a DVR-scheduling conflict on Tuesday nights: The Biggest Loser, Glee and No Ordinary Family (starting next week) all at the same time.  Unfortunately for NOF, I really enjoyed watching Glee on the t.v., as opposed to the computer which is where I'd watched all of the first season.  Typical over-the-top fabulousness, as expected, although I thought they went a little far with Rachel's nastiness to that AMAZING little exchange student.  Also, is the new football coach Whatshername from friggin' Porky's?

Modern Family - We love this show - Mr. Mouse laughs out loud a lot during each episode.  I only wish that we'd started watching it from the beginning of its first season.

Terriers - is already RIP in our DVR after the first episode.  I hope that turns out to be a mistake, that we'll end up missing a great show, but it just didn't click for us despite having better writing/acting than that Hawaii Five-0.


  1. I like Terriers, but am not in love with it. I like the two leads and think they play really well off each other but that only gets you so far. Also, they seem to have worked out a way to make a dog a focus of a story line for every episode that I've seen so far, which I appreciate.

    As for Modern Family, it reminds me that we missed out on a Golden Opportunity for H and C to bond before you took off for SLC. Leaving us to drink beer/wine and watch crappy tv* in peace and not get judged for it.

    * and by crappy tv, I mean anything remotely sci-fi or out of the ordinary. Cause robots that looks like humans are TOO MUCH.

  2. Well, now, AnnaB, you're just going to have to come out here and visit and they can bond while we drink, only on the other side of the continental divide.

    Speaking of robots, have you been watching Caprica? Stupid SLC Comcast doesn't have SciFi/SyFy channel.