Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mini movie review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Mr. Mouse always complains that the only movies in my queue are ones I want to see.  Hot Tub Time Machine is a perfect example of why that is: he requested it and neither of us ended up liking it very much.  When it's one of "my" movies, it's a pretty fair bet that at least one of us will enjoy it.

Plot synopsis: John Cusack (looking old, haggard and with a blotchy spray tan), Craig Robinson ("Darryl" from The Office, looking fat), Clark Duke (playing a slightly less nerdy version of his GREEK character) and Rob Corddry end up transported back to the 1980s via the title macguffin so that they can do something about how lame their 2010 lives have become.  Hilarity (not) ensues.

Rated R for the occasional nekkid boobs and the plethora of f-bombs, this is just not a very funny movie.  Mr. Mouse noted that none of the four leads were at all sympathetic and they hardly played the '80s pop culture, fashion and music for laughs at all.  Plus at 100 minutes it was longer than it needed to be.  The best part about Hot Tub Time Machine is the soundtrack, every song of which I already have on my '80s-heavy iPod - except for the Poison and Motley Crue tunes.

Next up in the queue:  Max Headroom - absolutely not a Mr. Mouse request.


  1. We thought the references to Back to the Future were clever. Turn that frown upside down!

  2. I really liked HTTM! In fact, I've been wanting to re-watch it since it released on DVD.

    You're right though, none of the three men are that sympathetic. Jon Cusack is just pathetic, but we absolutely loved Rob Corddry! The BttF references were a nice touch, too.

    I may have to put it at #1 in my NFQ just to see how it holds up.