Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm not holding out on you, I promise

I know, there's been major slackage here lately.  But, frankly, I just haven't been watching stuff other than college football (one downside of moving to a city with a decent college football team is that you've got to sign onto the college football wagon ... to mix one's metaphors irretrievably).  I don't have a DVR so any V/Dollhouse/Flashforward episodes I've been watching have been on (thank god for; and the live television I've been watching has been Heroes (duly documented here), Biggest Loser and Community/The Office.  I do have the DVD player here at the apartment, finally, and now that I've got a paying job I can reinstate my account, so perhaps the movies will start back up again.  I haven't seen an in-theater movie since August 21 - shocking! - so I need to get back on that horse too (I've missed Inglourious Basterds, Zombieland and Paranormal Activity - altho' the last two are still playing in the SLC area these days). 

I love this blog and have no intention of letting it wither away.  There's just been so much turmoil in my life in the last few months that some things, like watching movies and television and writing about them, have fallen by the wayside.  I'll be back to form soon, I promise.  I just wish True Blood S2 would come out on DVD already - that would be a big ol' motivator!

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