Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aw, I wish the DVD player was hooked up

I just watched S2E6 of Castle on Hulu. It's their recent Halloween episode, entitled "Vampire Weekend," and in the very first scene, Nathan Fillion (as Castle) is shown putting on leather boots, a red shirt, tight pants with suspenders, a brown coat and twirling his revolver (not a euphemism). His daughter asks him what he's doing and he answers that he's trying out Halloween costumes - this one's a space cowboy. She points out that there are no cows in space and besides, didn't he do that one already about five years ago, and shouldn't he move on? Fillion/Castle, with a crestfallen expression: "But I liked it." Awwwwww.

It's Firefly references, y'all! Long live Firefly. (And then a few minutes later, some murder victim gets staked in a cemetery and Castle drops a Buffy reference too.) So now I'm all nostalgic and want to watch old Whedony t.v. shows. If I only remembered what box my DVDs are stuffed into out at the self-storage place.


  1. Loved that opening. I was in hysterics. I was hoping for a Dr. Horrible reference somewhere, but alas, no.

  2. I love watching Castle. The murders are usually fairly predictable, but the chemistry b/w Fillion and Katic is perfect.

    The Firefly and Buffy references had me jumping for joy. I even loved how he dropped in some fanboy love for Underworld.