Friday, September 11, 2009

Excuses, excuses

I mean, srsly, it's been nothing but excuses on this blog for such a long time now: there's nothing good on television, I'm all discombobulated, I'm watching the U.S. Open and/or Gossip Girl S2 ... so pathetic.

Well, I've got another one to hand you now. I'm moving*. Across the country**. To the mountains***. Finally, after having the house on the market for just over a year, and 77+ showings, we are under contract (yay!) with the buyers' loan approved (yay!!) and the closing scheduled for the end of the month (yay!!!). The Mouse House is an absolute shambles, everything half-packed - so I can't even recap a Firefly for you since the DVDs are all stowed away somewhere in the 67 boxes that are currently packed - and thus most of my free time has been, and will be, spent trying to pack the other half. It's amazing what one (two) can accumulate in nine years.

What this means for you all is that I'll post as often as I can between now and the end of the month, plus I promise to get the first two Heroes episodes recapped for you, but the third one will probably be late. Of course, by the third episode that show will most likely be in full suck mode and none of you will care anyway. Please be patient with me and please keep checking back in. Things will resume normal SOP as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here's a list of what I think I will/won't miss when we leave Maine:

Things I Will Not Miss:

black flies
“New England packed powder”
bad roads
heavy, wet snow
frizzy hair
mowing this enormous lawn
mud season
hurricane season

Things I Will Miss:

lobster at $3.99/lb
curly hair
the ocean
my mug at the brewpub
watching the activity on Casco Bay from Bug Light
the Casco Bay Lines mailboat run (BYO beer)

* Mr. Mouse's job is transferring but I will soon be earnestly searching for work. So if any of you devoted readers are actually Salt Lake City area-based employers looking to hire an industrious, fairly articulate Mouse (who promises to scale back the sarcasm, at least at first), drop me a line at friend dot mouse at yahoo dot com.

** From Maine to Utah.

*** The Wasatch front, specifically.


  1. Hell, we'll practically be neighbors again. Not counting the mountainous desert between Phx and SLC. And Julie's around here somewhere in CO.

  2. Ooh - we can re-up the ol' Georgetown vs. Woolwich rivalry! ... (er, was there a GvW rivalry?)

  3. You won't miss Thanksgiving? Come on!

  4. T'giving falls under the "friends" and "family" bullets.

  5. Good luck on the move! I can't wait til you get settled and start talking about all the bacony goodness you discover in Salt Lake City.