Saturday, August 29, 2009

Link me, m'dear

Life seems a little disjointed to me these days. This is art my blog imitating life. Or something.

Most recently watched: Oldboy, the 2004 Cannes Grand Prix winner by South Korean director, Chanwook Park (whose Lady Vengeance I watched not too long ago). Simply incredible movie. It's similar to Lady Vengeance - Park seems to have a recurring revenge motif - in that the protagonist is imprisoned for a long time and then, once released, sets out to take revenge upon his jailer. Again, gorgeously shot (American movies seem so cluttered after watching these Korean films), a little long, terrifically violent (I had to watch the oral surgery scenes through my fingers) and utterly compelling. Great stuff. Steven Spielberg and Will Smith apparently want to remake Oldboy to which I vehemently say: NO F'N WAY.

Maple Bacon Toffee : available for only a few more days ('til 8/31!) at swanky San Francisco confectioners, Recchuiti. I think this sounds just scrumptious. The store site also has a recipe for applewood smoked bacon gougeres, which look like teensy little biscuits, and a way coolio blog that I intend on exploring soon (there's mention of a maple bacon donut ...). Thanks to Blonde Ambition for the tip!

Latest job that I wish was mine: writing the blog for the National Confectioners Association.

And lastly, Thursday I read that the Weather Channel's "hurricane expert" thinks that ol' Danny might "miss New England ... and hit the southeastern coast of Maine." Um, yeah. Since when is Maine not part of New England? Jackass.


  1. You want my job? I think I better stay hard at work if there is competition for this gig. Thanks for helping me stay grateful for being here, not that it's hard. We have wonderful people on staff and we work with fun stuff. How can you beat that?

    If you could work here, what would you write about?

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Carl! You're right: working with great people and fun stuff is an unbeatable combination, that's for sure.

    I'm actually on the lookout for a new job, so what would I write about? I would scour the country looking for candies - chocolate and otherwise - with bacon (bacon!), of course. Also, in Maine there's been a big recent push to "buy local" and I like to support that. I'm interested in the little guys, craft confectioners/artisans with their regional specialities: how and why they got started, where their ingredients come from, etc.