Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lost without Lost

So Lost was a rerun last night and, as such, the little blog went post-less. A sad state of affairs, I must say. All I gots for ya is tidbits:
  • Dollhouse is improving with each episode and word has it that around the E5 or E6 mark, we'll actually get some Whedonish game-changing/long-arc plotting. Add in some trademark humor and I'm totally sold.
  • I watched the Castle premiere on Monday: it was ... fluffy. Many critics/reviewers have likened it to Moonlighting and I can absolutely see the connection - crime-solving light with sexually-tensioned banter between the good-looking co-stars. The biggest plus with Castle: Nathan Fillion. Who continues to be adorable and who is, by all accounts, a Really Nice Guy in real life. I hope this show is his vehicle to real stardom.
  • I'm almost done reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods. The worst thing is that I'm almost done reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods.
  • This little blog has received a prestigious award! Details to follow!

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